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122_AUS_&_NZ_LOGO_REV637620284272893690The Australia/New Zealand region is a hub for engineers based across Australia and New Zealand. The region enables members across all sectors of the engineering community to connect with one another and to keep in-tune with Irish engineering developments from across the world. The region's activities are facilitated through Corporate Membership of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce.

 Some of the events previously held by the Australia/New Zealand region include:

  • St Patrick's Conference: "Are we creating the communities we actually want to live in?"
  • Victoria International Container Terminal Project Tour
  • Women in leadership seminar

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Australia/New Zealand in the Engineers Journal

The 30-year failure cycle

Could the 30-year failure cycle evident in specific bridge failures be coincidence or something more? Sean Brady looks at the technical and human aspects of this unfortunate trend.

What do serious accidents tell us about safety in mining?

As part of the Brady Review into fatalities in the mining and quarrying industry of Queensland, Sean Brady examines the causes of serious accidents.

Engineers develop glove-like device that mimics sense of touch

Australian engineers have invented a soft wearable device that simulates the sense of touch and has wide potential for medical, industrial and entertainment applications.

Matter of interpretation: Brady review of mining industry accidents and fatalities

Sean Brady highlights some of the responses that there have been into his review of all fatalities in Queensland mines and quarries from 2000 to 2019, which he carried out for Australia's Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (Queensland). He discusses how the review’s findings have been received and the challenge that lies ahead.

One-of-a-kind Humanihut emergency shelters set up in less than five minutes

The Humanihuts are currently being used to provide a resting place for Australian firefighters tackling the ravaging bushfires.

My engineering life Q&A: Joe Walsh

He could easily have been a farm manager but his first love is construction and airports; his mentors include Michael Corless and Sir John Egan, while he admires The Shawshank Redemption's Andy Dufresne; he's excited about digital engineering and the progress to 7D; and his two Irish Water Spaniels and Aussie Rules keeps him grounded.


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