Protecting infrastructure from the threat of unauthorised interference or malicious contamination is of utmost importance to utility providers on critical networks.

Site security specifications from various utility companies outline details of the requirements for assets during construction or whilst undergoing major capital projects.

Access solutions such as fabricated steel above ground or flush fitting covers, supplied to such projects are often required to comply with the security specifications and require independent third party certification as outlined by the respective utility providers.

Where these site security specifications are required, covers can be certified to the Loss Prevention Certification Boards LPS1175 Security Rating 2, SR3 and SR4 standard, to ensure maximum security for the asset.

Talk to the experts

EJ have the widest range of certified steel access covers on the market and we can assist you on site, at the design stage to help define compliant products, designed to prevent unauthorised access to key assets and certified by the LPBC.

This free service will offer peace of mind to utility providers and designers where security is concerned and future-proof the country’s water infrastructure.

LPCB Security rating 3 and four covers installed on water network projects in Ireland, the UK and across Europe. Available in Above Ground (AG) Flush Fit (FF) and water tight (FE) versions, with additional ergonomic, anti-slip and corrosion resistance features depending on site requirements.

To enhance security on site for critical infrastructure, high security bespoke access solutions to the latest issue of the Loss Prevention Certification board (LPCB) Security rating 3 and 4 can be specified.

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) is a globally recognised third-party certification body, which is part of BRE in the UK. The LPCB’s Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) are widely recognised and applied in fire and security sectors around the world. Full details of the Loss Prevention Standards (LPS), the intruder resistance tests, and certified product manufacturers are available on RedBook Live.

The Intruder Resistance Test by BRE subjects the access cover to the types of attack an intruder might attempt such as those conducted on the AG DEFENSO an EJ product. Certification to the SR4 standard demonstrates that the access cover cannot be breached within 10 minutes using any combination of the tools for a total duration of 30 minutes.

Optimal asset protection

To ensure optimal asset protection, please refer to the specification in Ireland which defines the requirement for potable open water and waste water chambers. Insisting that access covers are  manufactured in production facilities that are ISO accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 for quality, environment, health & safety management offers the best quality access solution to protect the assets.

Specifiers, procurement officers and contractors play a hugely significant role when selecting access covers. For products on critical networks where securing the asset is of high importance, insistence on third party certified products is key to ensuring long term product performance.

Engaging with a reputable manufacturer assures clients of high quality, risk adverse products that are fit for purpose. Contact EJs design team on 057 9123100.