Robust and proven EV chargers with high-quality, future-proof connectivity and OCPP. 

GARO Ireland brings its new Althea 50kW and Atle 24kW DC EV Fast Chargers to the market.

GARO has been at the forefront of providing EV Charging Equipment in Europe since launching its first EV Charge Point in 2008.

Building on our experience of manufacturing and providing EV Charging solutions in the Scandinavian area where EV adoption is many years ahead of the rest of Europe, we have provided solutions for every situation from Home Charging to Rapid Charge Superhighways. We are now proud to bring our new Althea 50kW and Atle 24kW DC Fast Chargers to the market in Ireland.

Manufactured in our Swedish factory using materials and technology designed for the harsh Scandinavian climate, we provide a robust and reliable solution for Fast Charging EV’s here in Ireland.

Perfect solution

Althea 50kW is the perfect solution for fleet, motor dealerships, supermarkets, filling stations, or any public and private situations where faster charging is needed. For facilities where power availability is limited but faster charging is still desired, we can also offer our 24kW Atle Charge Point.

Both Althea and Atle feature intuitive touch screen controls, RFID access capabilities and are available with CCS connections or CCS and Chademo.

Atle 24kW and Althea 50kW are supplied ready for connection to any OCPP back-office monitoring system, including the GARO Park & Recharge platform. GARO’s Park & Recharge back-office system can be tailored for any client to include remote monitoring, load management, and access control. 

Owners can produce itemised reports relating to each user for compliance or billing purposes, or utilise our App based prepay payment solution.

Team of engineers ready to offer technical support

Althea and Atle are available from our Dublin facility where our team of engineers are ready to offer technical support, EV power distribution design advice, commissioning, and maintenance services of EVSE.

We also manufacture and supply standard AC charging solutions, with products to match any requirement including domestic single dwellings, apartment complexes, commercial and public installations.

For more information please contact our office on 01 8665360 or email: