Report shows adaptability, sustainability and addressing climate change are top-of-mind for infrastructure leaders; majority of energy infrastructure stakeholders say net zero energy is impossible without digitalisation; and research reveals infrastructure is lagging behind other industries in digitalisation progress.

A research report released by Siemens Smart Infrastructure, titled ‘A New Space Race,’ has highlighted the increasingly urgent need to transform global infrastructure to focus on adaptability, resiliency and decarbonisation. Data from the report shows infrastructure leaders worldwide recognise the need for digitalisation to tackle challenges in energy systems and the built environment.

'Real urgency'

“Infrastructure stakeholders are starting to act with real urgency. They recognise the need to accelerate decarbonisation, to build greater resilience and adaptability, while maintaining competitiveness,” said Matthias Rebellius, CEO, Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

“Major change is challenging, but our highest goals are possible if we harness the power of data and new technologies, welcome greater cooperation and keep driving innovation.”

The research report identifies three connected, overlapping dimensions or ‘spaces’ in which infrastructure stakeholders are racing to adapt their assets. In each of these spaces, ‘A New Space Race’ explores the challenges and hazards those concerned will need to address, in order to stay ahead.

Read the full report here.