At the end of August, a global revolution in the air-filtration industry occurred. For the first time, a new global standard for the testing and classification of air filters was approved following a 100% ‘yes’ decision from voters around the world. The new standard is ISO16890. This landmark decision provides significant benefits for designers, specifiers, purchasers and users of air filters in ventilation systems. Furthermore, the standard also provides significant benefits for members of the air filter-manufacturing community. The standard requires that that filter efficiencies be measured and reported for the particulate matter fractions: PM1, PM 2.5 and PM10. Camfil welcomes the new standard that includes the requirement to classify filter performance against the most dangerous particles, the smallest fraction, called PM1, (read more on Camfil’s Take a Breath campaign site). In an upcoming webinar, we will explain:

  • The drivers for development of the new standard;
  • How the standard is structured and applied – how the standard will replace existing standards, i.e. ASHRAE 52.2 and EN779:2012; and
  • The benefits for filter users and producers – how the standard is relevant in the context of air pollution, indoor air quality and human health.
So sit back, take a breath and join one of the webinars that will be held in four sessions: Thursday, 20 October – 08:00 CET Follow this link: Thursday, 20 October – 14:00 CET Follow this link: Friday, 21 October – 14:00 CET Follow this link: Friday, 21 October – 17:00 CET Follow this link: