CIM, a global leader in building analytics software, has announced that its Irish operation will undergo a recruitment drive in 2021. The organisation, which has locations in Dublin, London and Sydney, opened its European headquarters in Ireland in 2019, has announced plans to add a further 85 people to its team here over the next 36 months, with hiring already completed in EMEA leadership roles in sales, marketing and operations. 

CIM founder and CEO David Walsh, who is currently based in their headquarters in Sydney, spoke of the development: “Bringing the business to Ireland was always an ambition of mine and since we set up our European HQ here in 2019, we have gone from strength to strength.

CIM founder and CEO David Walsh

Since the advent of COVID, we have experienced a significant upturn in demand from building owners and managers looking to improve their operations – particularly in the area of sustainability.

We are currently very focused on supporting clients with buildings running at reduced capacity, ensuring energy is only being consumed in the areas and at the times needed.

As the year proceeds, our clients expect to see their buildings switch back on, with staff slowly returning to offices, shopping centres and manufacturing sites. 

They are coming to us, not only to benefit from economic gains of using our PEAK platform, but also to drive their environmental and social targets, and to ensure buildings are prioritising health and safety as is required for their returning workforce”.

Paul Walsh, general manager of CIM EMEA, and brother of CEO David Walsh, said: “The growth of CIM in Ireland to date has accelerated faster than expected and the outlook for the future appears strong. We’ve seen a huge response to PEAK in both the manufacturing and commercial real estate sector, and already have a number of Tier 1 customers.

"As we expand, we’ll need to add roles, not only to the commercial side of the business, but also on the engineering and customer success teams, to ensure PEAK’s offering continues to deliver.”

Paul Walsh, general manager of CIM EMEA, and brother of CEO David Walsh

CIM creates innovative building analytics software that helps run large buildings at their peak performance. Its powerful PEAK platform integrates building intelligence, machine learning and mechanical engineering to improve efficiency, sustainability and comfort across property portfolios.

It currently employs 43 staff globally.

Since its inception in 2013, CIM says that it has monitored the positive environmental impact made by their clients on the PEAK platform. PEAK brings huge economical savings to businesses, but the overall sustainability outcomes are a proud achievement for both CIM and its client base.

“The smartest way to work towards carbon neutral goals is to optimise equipment, and then increase alternative sources of energy," said Walsh.

"This approach ensures that all the energy consumed is used as wisely as possible, with zero waste. As equipment is upgraded in a building, PEAK will identify the most energy intensive equipment that needs replacing, plus verify the impact this replacement has on carbon neutral targets”.

Energy-saving stats (see appendix)

  • In terms of energy savings, CIM has saved 141GWh of energy globally since 2013.
  • Across CIM’s portfolio, its functionality has prevented CO2 emissions equivalent to such levels as those emitted by 36,202,723 litres of diesel consumed or more than 1.27 billion smartphones charged.
  • When considering greenhouse gas emissions, to date CIM has delivered reductions equivalent to the combined capacity of 21.15 wind turbines operating continuously for one year or to the beneficial effect of 33,958 tonnes of waste recycled instead of landfilled.

“Commercial offices, manufacturing facilities, airports and other large buildings play a vital role in the community, involve thousands of stakeholders and are expensive and complex to operate," said Walsh. 

"Managing the equipment that operates the building, providing critical HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) utilities, maintaining air quality, ventilation and thermal compliance is challenging but PEAK simplifies this, and presents opportunities for both economic and environmental gain. 

"Given that 30-40% of all the world’s greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the built environment, reducing the carbon footprint of large buildings is critical and will have a significant environmental impact on the planet.

"CIM transforms building operations by combining building analytics, machine learning and technical engineering support into real-time, data-driven insights.

"We empower owners and operators to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their portfolio to improve operational costs, reduce unplanned equipment breakdowns and sustainability. 

"As well as Tier 1 manufacturing facilities, our customers include large Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), government, cultural institutions and major property portfolio owners and operators”.