The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) has announced the election of Anne-Marie Conibear as president for 2024/25 at its AGM held in Dublin recently. 

Speaking at the ACEI’s AGM, Anne-Marie Conibear said: “As you know I’m the first female President of the ACEI since our foundation in 1938 – over 80 years ago. This reflects the ongoing and positive changes in our sector but also symbolises the progress we still need to make over the next decade.

Exceptional solutions

"The ACEI has been at the forefront of promoting excellence in the field of consulting engineering. Over this time, our sector has been at the forefront of post-war recovery, Irish industrialisation, many economic booms and busts, global pandemics, housing crisis and climate change. Through it all, the ACEI and its members, have delivered exceptional solutions to Ireland’s most pressing challenges.” 

"Thanks to previous presidents and executives of the ACEI, the consulting engineering sector is well known for our commitment to quality and safety. In the coming years, the ACEI will build on this reputation so that the sector is as well known for delivering sustainability, promoting diversity, and improving productivity across the built environment.”

Shane Dempsey, director general of the ACEI said: “We are delighted to welcome Anne-Marie Conibear as our new president. Her extensive experience, strategic vision, and passion for engineering excellence make her the ideal leader to guide ACEI forward as our sector attempts to solve Ireland’s infrastructure, housing and climate challenges."

Steve Preece CEO of Egis in Ireland said: “Anne-Marie’s appointment is testament to her exceptional career and commitment to the profession in Ireland. We are hugely proud of her achievement, and what it represents in terms of greater diversity in the sector.”

Leads major water, wastewater, and flooding projects

Conibear is a director of JB Barry and Partners, an engineering company that is part of Egis Ireland. She leads major water, wastewater, and flooding projects, including dam-building.  As part of the J B Barry leadership team, she successfully integrated J B Barry with Egis in Ireland and now leads the energy and water division for Egis in Ireland.

Conibear serves as the director in charge of international projects, where she leverages her expertise in water/wastewater and transportation projects. Her international experience spans across various countries, including the UK, Latvia, Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Croatia, and Lesotho.

In her role as president, Anne-Marie Conibear will be addressing the upcoming ACEI conference as a keynote speaker, where she will share her insights and vision for the future of the consulting engineering profession.