Cable trough systems are essential for high-tech facilities, such as data centres and pharma, to ensure uninterrupted operation and minimise risk of downtime to services. When designing cable trough systems for the underground power and comms infrastructure, asset protection combined with safe, fast access to critical assets are key priorities.

One of the main obstacles to achieving the design intent are the challenges that non-linear runs, such as the requirement for T and angled sections, pose for project teams.

The practice of cutting through composite trench covers to attain the correct joining compromises the structural loading and renders the covers unsuitable for traffic.

The inevitable tolerance stack-up can be a potential trip hazard. Exposed glass fibres of the cut composite cover absorb moisture over time, leading to delamination and degradation of the product and additional safety issues can arise from handling cut composite, with glass fibre dust a potential hazard if the correct PPE is not used.

Evaluating the frequency required for chamber access is another key consideration for project designers to minimise issues for O&M teams post installation. Incorporating ergonomic solutions into the design will enable a safe, and quick access to cables runs for maintenance and inspections over the asset lifetime.

For efficient project delivery it is essential at the construction phase that a cable trough system which facilities a smooth fit-out, involving minimal deliveries and labour demands on busy building sites, is specified.

Eliminate these issues with a fully integrated, engineered, cable trough system

Now available on the market from EJ, is a pre-assembled, hybrid trough system, incorporating fabricated steel access covers to cater for the T and angled sections, and designed to precise chamber dimensions.

The steel covers can extend into the continuous runs without a beam and are 3rd party certified to D400 loading. Ergonomic features with mechanical lift assistance enabling a single user lift -maximum lifting weight 10kg, can be fitted intermittently where frequent and fast access is required in an emergency. These hinged lift assisted covers also eliminate the risk of covers falling into chambers and damaging cables. 

T section extending cover required no beam. Precise angles and corner section design can be accommodated. Covers and be customised with logo or text.

The concrete chamber and cover is pre-assembled and once delivered to site, there is no on-site assembly for contractors, reducing man hours on-site with faster, more efficient installations and fewer site deliveries and associated administration costs.

Not only does this system offer a more ergonomic and efficient solution, it also provides a more secure solution for the asset. High security locking bolts such as McGard can be integrated into the cover. The unit is available in a D400 or E600 load class.

Lift assisted covers with stainless steel mechanical struts can be incorporated in the duct runs. A heavy duty composite trench cover, 30% lighter than similar composite covers in the market, aligns seamlessly with the bespoke sections and are available in a range of span widths. 

Delivering resilience over the long term

It is critical that project delivery teams factor in engineered, risk adverse access solutions at the design stage of projects. EJ as the world leader in the design and manufacture of multi-material access solutions, can assist with the design considerations for cable trench layouts to aid in optimising safety, accessibility and providing security to the asset.

Operating in world class, ISO accredited, manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, and globally, EJ have a proven reputation as sustainable supply chain partners in delivering large-scale projects on time and on budget, for the world's largest critical network service providers.

To find out how we can assist you with the design and key considerations in the access of your underground infrastructure please contact the Business Development team on 057 9123100.