You are invited to the first DataCentres Leadership Webinar, hosted by DataCentres Ireland, which will be held on July 16, 2020, from 10am-11am, and which will cover the topic 'Remote Operating Models for a New Era and the Edge'.

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The panellists

Mark Acton, independent consultant

With more than 25 years of experience in the data centre sector industry Acton has been a specialist in the field of data centre operations for more than 20 years, concentrating on the delivery of business critical services from highly reliable, world-class data centres having 24x365 availability expectations.

A technical operations manager with extensive international experience and solid technical skills covering data centre facilities design, IT and facilities operational management with technical consulting.

Regular public speaker, conference host and industry advisor on data centre technical issues as well as being involved in international (ISO) data centre standards development.

Venessa Moffat, head of product marketing, RiT Tech

Marketing, strategy and growth hacking specialist, with 20 years’ experience in the data centre and tech industries. Moffat holds a BSc in computer science, a postgraduate diploma in business administration, as well as an MBA from Essex University, where she specialised in agile IT architectures for maximum business value.

She has successfully led strategy development and implementation programmes in multiple international data centre organisations. 

Simon Browne, sales and solutions development senior director, JLL

With more than 25 years’ working within the building services industry, Browne has a 'hands on' practical experience of the challenges of operating engineering teams prior to moving into a sales role. 

Specialising in data centres and critical environments  for the last 15 years working in both the largest and some of the smallest service providers he has a vast experience of engineering services delivery and more recently has branched out into the wider CRE services associated with data centre operations such as sale and leaseback of critical assets, disposition of sites and transaction management for critical site acquisitions.  

Ofer Lior, business development manager, Data Centers Software Solutions, Intel Corporation

Ofer Lior leads the regional business development of Intel’s data centers software solutions and the Intel DCM product. He has more than a decade of experience in the data centre arena and has held multiple senior and executive positions in data centres operation management, data centres project management and business development and sales.

Ofer earned his BA in finance at the University of Haifa and his MBA in global management and markets at the Open University of Israel.

Eddie Kilbane, CEO of Dataplex Group, rolling out the e-Node micro data centres

Eddie Kilbane is a seasoned entrepreneur specialising in data centre developments, having developed a number of facilities with Dataplex Group, which he co-founded with Colm Piercy. 

Dataplex is the co-founder of the e-Node platform. It delivers micro edge data centres in a mesh topology for the low latency, 5G and future applications.

The e-Nodes will be located in the heart of Europe’s cities, central for high compute and low latency services. To offset the companies that he invests in carbon footprint, Kilbane has founded a sustainable horticulture company, providing leafy greens to local markets year round. He provides support and leadership in their growth, using his extensive experience in multiple disciplines.


The ongoing edge deployment trend is resulting in the creation of business critical sites that are both remote and generally not staffed. The current difficulties with travel and site access pose similar challenges to more traditional sites.

This panel of industry experts will discuss "How do we monitor, manage and maintain these sites to ensure continued availability and reliability?”

  • Edge deployment and the growing dependency on remote sites that are not manned yet potentially business critical
  • Dark data centres
  • The requirement to manage increasingly complex, geographically diverse, hybrid digital infrastructure
  • How can these sites remain reliable and available without onsite staff?
  • How should site visits and essential maintenance be manged and performed?
  • Should we be introducing new operational models that better suit remote, dark site management?
  • How do we collate the information we need to manage multiple unmanned remote sites to achieve operational and economic objectives? 
  • Yet we need to have this accuracy and confidence in the data to properly support the business and the economics of operating a data centre  
  • How do we achieve this dream? 
  • What is tools are there or are being developed to assist those challenged with managing data centres and other critical infrastructure?

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