Safety has always been a priority for the engineering profession. Different work environments bring different safety challenges, highlighting the importance of comprehensive risk assessments when engineering works are being undertaken.

Executed safely

Whether it is moving electric generators onto a construction site, moving high-volume packaging equipment into a manufacturing processing plant or moving air handling units into a data centre the focus is on ensuring these equipment moves are executed safely.

At Cronin Movers Group, our specialist teams have been supporting Ireland’s engineers by managing and executing these heavy machinery and equipment moves.

Our team can handle everything from collection of equipment at the arrival port, to transporting it to temporary storage and final transportation to site.

But it is in the final stage of rigging, offloading and final positioning of this equipment onsite that the greatest challenges have to be overcome.

This can frequently involve manoeuvring large, heavy equipment through awkward tight spaces in manufacturing or construction environments to reach its final onsite position.

Having the right machinery moving equipment with skilled operators is a prerequisite to address these challenges. Deploying the latest in synchronised hydraulic lifting systems ensures precise control of lifting heavy loads evenly.

This enables skates or transport trolleys to be positioned under the load to facilitate controlled manoeuvring of the load through the site.

Compact cordless electric motorised unit

One of our latest investments is a PowerAttack unit. This is a compact cordless electric motorised unit that attaches to skates or transport trolleys and is capable of precisely moving loads up to 30,000kg.

Alternatively, depending on the complexity of the move and the surrounding environment our team can deploy a remote controlled Robot Skate. This cordless electrical powered trolley has precision controls with 360 degree movement and can carefully manoeuvre up to 30,000kg loads.

At Cronin Movers Group, quality and safety is in our DNA. We are proud to have accreditations in ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Health & Safety).

As part of our environmental commitment we have several environmental projects we are implementing to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes rolling out a fleet of more environmentally friendly vehicles compliant to the latest Euro 6 emissions standard. In a drive to reduce emissions onsite we have recently taken delivery of the only 25,000kg Electric Pick and Carry Crane in Ireland.

All of this capability and equipment means that engineers can be confident that whatever the equipment that needs to be moved and however complex the environment that it needs to be moved within, our specialist team can ensure it can be executed safely and efficiently.

For many of the machinery moving projects we are involved in, the ability to minimise disruption to operations during these critical onsite moves is essential.

Alan Jordan, project manager, Cronin Movers Group.