Hanley Energy is a global innovator in critical power and energy management solutions, with an established team of world-class engineers shared between European headquarters in Ireland (Co Meath) and North America.

Hanley Energy’s core capabilities cover the design, build, and commission of turnkey mission-critical solutions – delivering secure reliable power from the grid all the way to the industrial manufacturing equipment or Hyperscale Data Centre IT rack.

Building Management System (BMS) is an important part of Hanley Energy’s solution portfolio, with the Irish-owned company delivering projects for hyperscale data centres around the globe.

BMS in data centre infrastructure

BMS plays a crucial role in data centre infrastructure by recording and monitoring temperature and humidity data throughout data centre facilities and automatically adjusting these to increase efficiency and maximise uptime.

For Hanley Energy, BMS means reliability, efficiency, comfort and higher responsiveness for their customers. It provides comfort not only to the building owners, but also to the end users. Smart buildings equipped with BMS have a much wider range of functionality than those without it.

Hanley Energy’s in-house technical expertise, existing deployment of Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS) projects on sites, product innovation and new client opportunities, has resulted in the natural evolvement of the business and the need to bolster the BMS team.

Combined, EPMS and BMS enhance reliability by providing detailed analysis and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption. If a customer asks Hanley Energy to provide a solution, they will find a way to supply it.

Hanley Energy’s VP of Global Special Projects in Ireland, Oliver Farrell, shared his insights on resourcing global expansion: “Engineering is the core of our business, and we strive to continuously improve on the former. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to our customers using an array of systematic engineering solutions available within our business sector.”

Join Hanley Energy’s BMS team

The company’s BMS department consists of a mix of controls, design and commissioning engineers. Hanley Energy invest heavily in training and are currently recruiting for roles across many engineering disciplines to join their BMS department, ranging in experience from junior to senior opportunities:

  • BMS engineers
  • Electrical design engineer
  • Controls automation engineer
  • SCADA/HMI applications engineer
  • Technical sales engineer

If you are interested in working on cutting-edge BMS projects in data centres, Hanley Energy would love to hear from you. To learn more about Hanley Energy and to view all the open vacancies; please visit www.hanleyenergy.com/recruitment and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for business updates.