The effects of climate change are undeniable at local, national, and global levels. As engineers play a crucial role in developing sustainable solutions to mitigate its impact, Trinity College Dublin's School of Engineering recognises this urgency and has developed the Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering for Climate Action.

This is a programme designed to equip engineers and other key stakeholders with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the challenges of climate change.

Positions of responsibility for sustainability and climate action

This innovative full-time or part-time postgraduate diploma targets individuals who have recently taken up, or wish to transition into, positions of responsibility for sustainability and climate action, either within an existing organisation or as part of a newly formed company delivering organisational support in this area.

This blended learning programme offers a flexible learning experience as students navigate through core topics to develop skills that supports delivering balanced energy, carbon and resource solutions in the transitions across different sectors through informed and innovative actions.

In doing so, graduates will enhance their capacity in addressing key climate challenges including energy transitions and material resources in transport, infrastructure, and industry through informed and innovative actions.

Drawing on expertise from multiple fields

The Engineering for Climate Action Postgraduate Diploma offers an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on expertise from multiple fields, engineering led, and supported by experts in business and psychology.

The Engineering for Climate Action Postgraduate Diploma is designed to expand their knowledge and skills, providing them with the tools to take on leadership roles in this rapidly evolving field.

This is one of a range of leading programmes in climate action and sustainability topics – from master's, to postgraduate diplomas and certificates, and micro-credentials – that are delivered by the School of Engineering and other Schools in Trinity College.

For more information, visit the website and contact the relevant course directors to answer any of your questions. We hope to see you in our programmes in 2023/24.

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