Custom Fittings is a leading manufacturer and stockist of stainless-steel hose fittings, tube fittings, connectors and adaptors, and is a key supplier to quality critical industries that range from oil and gas to aerospace.

It didn’t have a single urgent problem – it had a comprehensive long-term problem – how to reliably source protective end caps in corporate coded colours at short notice on a frequent basis.

Gold standard of industrial teamwork

In essence it needed that gold standard of industrial teamwork – a good supplier – one who would care for its hard-won reputation as a leading manufacturer and sustain the relationship over an extended period.

Custom Fittings takes seriously their duty of care to customers, since damaged internal and external threads, and flanges, can result in leakage and potentially present a danger to the environment.

To keep its customers safe and minimise loss of revenue, it is critical to protect those components with caps at every stage of the parts’ journey, including packaging, distribution and storage.

Fortunately, it found that Essentra Components (Ireland) was able to provide a full range of BSP, JIC, metric, flange, and B-seal caps, in blue, red and opaque white colours to match their branding, in different materials and types, right off the shelf.

Greatly enhancing customer service

By protecting fittings in manufacture and transit it was able to ensure no loss of time or money due to damage and returns, greatly enhancing customer service.

As Mark Crowther, director at Custom Fittings, said: “Essentra Components caps are an integral part of Custom Fittings’ manufacturing process, helping to deliver consistent satisfaction across our international customer base.

"We appreciate when a solution works – that’s why we always work with Essentra. They offer a range of caps that do an outstanding job of protecting our fittings.”

For more than 35 years this relationship has provided end user customers with properly protected fittings, and has played an important part in building the Custom Fittings reputation, allowing it to expand into pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, hygiene and defence, always supported by a reliable, hassle-free service with a depth of solutions.

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