Essentra Components (Ireland) is not only a manufacturer of high-quality stock and custom industrial components, but is also happy to share its expertise through an online Knowledge Centre – in this case with its new Hydraulic Hose Protection guide. It is downloadable here.

During the course of everyday operations, hydraulic hose assemblies, and other hoses, are exposed to moisture, dirt, cuts, abrasions, crushing and UV rays.

Continuous movement and rubbing against other hoses or equipment – often caused by machine vibrations – can erode hoses, while non-compatible fluids can eat away at them if left unprotected.

Hose protection products from Essentra Components address these issues in the many ways described in this new guide, which includes information on use, installation and specifications of the following:

  • Hose protection sleeves for hydraulic hoses offer the last line of defence in protecting people, environment and machinery against hose bursts or leakage. They also protect hoses against abrasion and may be fitted pre or post hose installation.
  • Mining safety approved sleeves protect against hydraulic hose oil leakage, hose ruptures, hose spills. Likewise, Spiral Wrap for mining and quarrying applications is mine-safety-approved, flame-retardant and anti-static to protect underground hose assemblies. It is suitable for use across a wide range of industries such as mining, quarrying, drilling and tunnelling, forestry and agricultural, welding, manufacturing and automotive, marine sub-sea, offshore oil and gas construction.
  • A full line of fire protection sleeves has excellent elasticity for protecting or bundling hoses, tubes and cables in a variety of hostile environments. The insulation properties of the outer silicone rubber and inner knitted glass fibre provide effective protection for personnel, easy bundling of hoses and improved aesthetics.
  • Spiral hose wrap in a variety of styles, protects against abrasion and crushing, thus extending hose life. If weight and size are an issue, then PVC point-of-contact protectors, also known as hose wear protectors are a valuable option and are an economical solution when there are few single sources of hose wear. They are easy to assemble and remove as they are simply assembled with a cable tie.

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