The Association for European Transport announces the start of the preparations for the 2021 European Transport Conference (ETC).

The format will be different: the plan is for an online conference with two sessions each day and spread over a longer period. The international situation will be monitored closely to gauge whether it may also be possible to hold some aspects of the conference in person.

The European Transport Conference (ETC) attracts papers that address themes of relevance to the transport agenda in Europe and worldwide. We now invite abstract submissions for the 2021 European Transport Conference.

The following major themes will be addressed at the Conference and contributors are particularly encouraged to offer abstracts under these headings. In addition to these themes, papers that fit within Programme Committees’ areas of interest are also very welcome. 

Conference Themes for 2021

  • COVID-19 and the consequences;
  • E-commerce, resilience and supply chains;
  • The changing nature of work and its impact on transport and land use;
  • The viability of public transport;
  • Long-term impacts on air transport;
  • Impacts on urban and rural economies;
  • Covid and data security/privacy;
  • Transport modelling and the pandemic;
  • Economic appraisal in times of uncertainty. 

2. The Climate Emergency

  1. Decarbonising transport
  2. Low Emission Zones and Road User Charging
  3. Provision for non-motorised transport
  4. Changes to taxation and tax revenues
  5. The price of carbon in appraisal
  6. Resilience of transport infrastructure to climate change

3. Inclusion and Diversity

  • Catering for vulnerable road users; 
  • Transport modelling and inclusion;
  • The 15-minute city; 
  • Biases in transport appraisal. 

Present at the most established transport conference in Europe! 

You are invited to submit an abstract based on one of the above themes or on one of those suggested by the programme committees. The deadline for abstract submission is February 8, 2021.

More information is available in the Call for Contributions brochureSubmissions may be made via the association's website

You will need to register once as an author and then you can submit as many abstracts as you wish. Authors can request a peer review of their papers and a selection of reviewed papers is published online or in special issues of journals.

Register and submit your abstract.

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