We are EVHACS (short for electric vehicle hybrid heat pump air conditioning charging system). Our new patent-pending technology uniquely combines EV chargers with heat pumps/air conditioning outdoor units.

Our EV chargers:

  • 7kW Single Phase and 22kW Three Phase versions
  • Tethered and Untethered options
  • Removes the need for a second site for EV chargers

Can be installed into any heat pump/air conditioning unit

EVHACS units are suited to homes, light commercial and industrial buildings. Our chargers come in 7kW single phase and 22kW three phase versions. You can also choose between tethered and untethered options.

We’ve designed our EV charger to be installed into any heat pump, air conditioner or refrigeration outdoor unit, removing the need for a second site for EV Chargers and giving the end user the ability to choose the heating system that’s right for them.

Dynamic load balancing:

  • Prioritise heating/cooling or EV charging
  • Our system dynamically balances both according to the needs of the home/building

The technology allows for dynamic load balancing between heating/cooling and charging, protecting the building’s power source. A domestic charger uses around 7kW of power and a heat pump uses up to 5kW depending on its size.

A house typically has 12 to 16kW of power, so having both the heat pump and the charger running concurrently risks tripping the main breaker if other appliances are also switched on. Other manufacturers of chargers use load balancing to reduce the charge to the vehicle but EVHACS uniquely balances both the heat pump and the charger introducing greater flexibility to homeowner.

Save labour and materials:

  • Removes the need for second electrician
  • Requires only a single breaker, single cable, and single isolator
  • Save is up to €800 on installing an EV Charger or Air Conditioning Unit separately

Our system will save money on installation compared to installing a separate heat pump and EV charger. Typically heat pumps are installed by an f-gas certified engineer and then an electrician.

A separate electrician will then come to install the EV charger. With EVHACS only one electrician is needed. It is designed for easy installation requiring only a single breaker, cable, and isolator. EVHACS is fitted precisely inside the existing air conditioning housing. Between using less materials and labour, the saving is up to €800 on installing an EV charger or air conditioning unit separately.

IoT smart phone app:

  • Charge or stop charging function
  • Set charging schedule
  • Set charging power

Prioritise heating/cooling or charging

Users can connect their EVHACS unit to their Wi-Fi network, create an EVHACS user account and then remotely set charging schedules, change the power rate of the charger, or choose to either start charging or to stop now.

They can also set the priority of either the heating/cooling over the EV charger or vice versa and monitor the live power usage of their home, heat pump and EV charger.

If this has piqued your interest visit the EVHACS website and fill out the trade enquiries form, we’ll get back to you right away to further introduce our tech to you.