Life is mobile. That is a fact. We carry on our smartphones and tablets the ability to connect to others via email, social media, and video. In some cases, it is a little too much connectivity, with all that Twittering, Instagramming and the like. Luckily, you can now use all that distracting app action to improve your business processes. As business professionals, especially in an engineering field, you want to be on top of our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.  Precision is not just an expectation for your business, it is a requirement. The new reality is that you can get as much done from your tablet with the tap of your finger as you can from your desktop or laptop, sometimes faster through the use of apps. Imagine meeting with your premier client and being able to show them in real time, on your tablet exactly what you have in stock and how quickly you can get it to them – with live tracking! Imagine showing them their current spend based on their budget and what discounts you can offer them. Now imagine placing that order at that moment and guaranteeing the delivery time. That is customer service! Efficiency from anywhere You have a remote workforce. Keeping track of their tasks is almost impossible, yet you have to account for their time and apply it to your master ERP. Why not have them ‘clock-in’ remotely through an App? You will have live data on all employee project tasks and be able to manage your overall costs efficiently. Protected data Know your company information is secure and viewed only be the staff required to access it by controlled permissions and secure credential management. Platform freedom By supporting Android Apps, your business becomes platform agnostic. No more incompatibility issues between team members’ file formats. Real Time Knowledge! The ability to access up to the minute information about your business and your clients will provide you with a clear advantage over your competitors in the marketplace. Collaboration in an instant Your teams need to share information to be effective and meet all customer demands. They are in different locations and rarely have the opportunity to meet face to face. Through the use of a robust mobile solution, they can share documents, respond to customer requests and manage resources expeditiously. Through the use of Herbst Software’s mobile applications, you will be able to be more of a partner to your clients, in a proactive and dynamic manner rather than just another vendor. This will make you stand out from your competitors and allow your customers to be successful, and stand out in their markets as well! Our experienced team will look at your mobile business needs and build a perfect solution to meet or exceed your unique requirements. By deploying a robust mobile solution, you and your team will be stars in the eyes of your clients! Find out more about Herbst Jobber.