DCU's Faculty of Engineering and Computing is home to globally significant research, and uniquely industry-relevant programmes, in the key technologies which will shape our future. We have also recently launched a range of Springboard+ and Human Capital Initiative (HCI) courses for people interested in upskilling in the area of engineering.

The Springboard+ upskilling initiative offers free and subsidised courses leading to qualifications in areas of employment opportunity in the economy.

People meeting the nationality/visa requirements and in receipt of Unemployment Benefit or the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) can apply for a Springboard+ course and avail of this opportunity without incurring fees.

If you are currently employed or self-employed and meet the nationality/visa requirements, you can still apply to any of our Springboard+ courses and your fees will be 90% funded. 

Whether you're employed and looking to upskill, unemployed, returning to work or are an employer wishing to provide additional training for your workforce, our Springboard+ courses offer flexible online and offline learning opportunities to suit all needs.      

Springboard+ Courses

Graduate Certificate in the Internet of Things

Graduate Certificate in Energy Systems and Decarbonisation

HCI Pillar 1 Courses

Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy Systems

Higher Diploma in Engineering Analysis and Technologies

To read more about the full listing of Springboard+ offerings from Dublin City University, please view springboardcourses.ie/

For further information on eligibility criteria for the above programmes, please view the Springboard website