Developed with individual properties in mind, Grant’s heat emitter range features underfloor heating and radiator options to effectively distribute heat throughout a home and offer versatility to support the overall design and architecture of the space.

For those seeking a high efficiency radiator system, the Grant Afinia range provides the perfect solution. The aluminium composition of these radiators offers excellent conductivity and a quick response heating and cooling time. In addition to its efficient performance, the Afinia range’s modern white powder-coated exterior is aesthetically pleasing and both vertical and horizontal combinations are available.

Grant Afinia radiators can also expand from 6-20 panels and offer easy installation and adaptability to suit the unique needs of the property.   

Grant Afinia 6 panel vertical aluminium radiator

Grant’s Uflex underfloor heating system is a great choice for new build, open plan properties. Extremely popular with homeowners and those working in the trade due to its ability to provide an effective balance of warmth throughout a home, the Uflex system is embedded within the floor construction and is designed specifically for the individual areas it will heat. The Grant Uflex underfloor heating system offers easy installation, optimal control with individual zone heating and comfort.  

In addition to correctly sizing the main heat source and Afinia radiators, and designing the Uflex underfloor heating system as part of their free of charge home heating design service, Grant also provides the necessary neoHub smart controls to operate these technologies. Controls can be set to provide different room temperatures and different time intervals on individual heating zones, with a wireless option also available.

Work together seamlessly

Grant’s heating technologies have been designed to work together seamlessly to achieve high efficiency heating solutions. Both the Afinia aluminium radiator range and Uflex underfloor heating system are compatible with high and low temperature systems, meaning both will work effectively with Grant’s biofuel compatible Grant Vortex range or Grant’s Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump range.

Installing these heating technologies with an air source heat pump will help to further improve efficiencies and monetary savings as both systems work at low temperatures, using less energy.

For a professionally designed heating system including room by room heat loss calculations in line with SR:50 requirements and the assurance of maximum heating efficiencies, simply email property plans, a contact number and preferred heat emitters to

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