Leading heating technology manufacturer Grant continues to ensure those working on new-build projects can achieve the most efficient solution through its complete integrated heating packages. 

Complete solution

Developed with both the property owner and engineer, installer and architect in mind, these bespoke heating packages offer a complete solution that includes main heat source, hot water storage, heat emitters and smart heating controls.

Each integrated heating package is developed by Grant for individual properties and helps those working on new-build projects to achieve compliance and benefit from the high efficiencies for which Grant’s technologies are renowned. 

A typical Grant integrated heating package includes the Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump, the Grant AWave Integrated Unit or the Grant pre-plumbed and pre-wired hot water cylinder and the Grant Uflex underfloor heating system and / or Grant Afinia aluminium radiators.  

Each package is designed and specified by the Grant team as part of the company’s free of charge heating design service. Those in the trade can avail of this service by sending planning drawings a contact number and the property’s preferred heat emitters to heating@grantengineering.ie

Product Spotlight: Uflex underfloor heating

A key technology specified as part of the Grant integrated heating packages is the manufacturer’s Uflex underfloor heating. This modern heat emitter is quickly becoming a popular choice for property owners and those working in the trade due to its ability to provide an effective balance of warmth throughout new build and open plan properties.

Easy installation and optimal control

The Grant Uflex system is embedded within the floor construction and is designed specifically for the individual areas it will heat. The Uflex underfloor heating system also offers easy installation, optimal control with individual zone heating and comfort.    

In addition to the mechanical components such as pipework and manifolds, Grant also supplies the necessary controls to operate the underfloor heating system as efficiently as possible with the touch of a button. Controls can be set to provide different room temperatures and different time intervals on individual heating zones, with a wireless option also available. 

The Uflex system is the ideal heat emitter to be included within Grant’s integrated heating packages as it offers convenient and highly efficient heating, especially when paired with a heat source like the Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water, air source heat pump. 

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