Hanley Energy is a global innovator in Critical Power and Energy Management solutions, with a stable of world-class engineers shared between European headquarters in Ireland (Co Meath) and North America. Hanley Energy’s core capabilities cover the design, build, and commission of turnkey mission-critical solutions – delivering secure reliable power from the grid all the way to the industrial manufacturing equipment or hyperscale data centre IT rack.

The Irish business’s mandate is to reduce energy consumption and uncover operational efficiencies for clients, while advocating and supporting companies that are making a positive impact on the future of society, the environment and the economy.

As part of its own commitment to operate business in a way that is beneficial to the environment, Hanley Energy is focused on quality, that endures and responsible sourcing.

Even the company’s shipping crates are crafted from wood because of their durable and renewable entities. In fact, 85% of the materials currently utilised at Hanley Energy are responsibly sourced and it is envisaged that this figure will reach 100% by the end of 2021.

Next steps for sustainability

Hanley Energy is built on strong ethical principles and has engaged in projects with planet and people ‘betterment’ in mind. It believes modern organisations like its own, need to connect to the market in more than a capitalistic manner in order to engage and gain a top-of-mind status.

In 2021 and the following years, to deepen this sustainability commitment, the company has set a new goal to plant 250,000 trees by end of 2025. For every global delivery made, Hanley Energy will plant a tree in that local area in partnership with One Tree Planted. This partnership with One Tree Planted, one of the largest and most recognised tree planting organisations in North America and around the world, is one it is very proud of.

The initial pilot project has commenced in Oregon State – home to Hanley Energy LLC on the west coast since last September. The 2020 Oregon wildfire season was one of the most destructive on record, destroying more than  one million acres; with that, in mind, Hanley is looking forward to playing its part in a meaningful way.

Some of the company’s broader sustainability goals are:

  • Use and promotion of Green Energy in the workplace (renewables, both solar and wind projects)
  • Use of low carbon transport
  • Commitment to using local eco-systems and suppliers
  • Water efficiency
  • Minimising material usage through efficient design
  • Use of Green suppliers and materials

Recruitment at Hanley Energy

Hanley Energy believes wholeheartedly that sustainability starts with a transformation in culture. Only by having accurate and concise data, can businesses take action and look at tangible ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Hanley Energy is leading by example and is taking steps to try and change an industry mindset. 

To learn more about Hanley Energy and to view all the open vacancies; please visit www.hanleyenergy.com/recruitment and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for business updates.