We thrive to grow and improve our technology to provide a better experience to our clients. At Complete Communications (comcom.ie) we have invested in the latest technologies and created tools like Eircode Counter and Demographic Mapping Tool which enables our clients to make a communication plan in the most convenient, accurate, efficient and cost effective way.

Eircode Counter

We have created a unique Eircode Counter. Our clients or anybody on our website can use this tool to accurately get a count of the number of homes, Apartments and business in any area they choose.

If you book a campaign with us, We can give you a detailed list of all the Eircodes within your chosen border.

Click here to explore the Eircode Counter.

Eircode mapping

This service is ideal for targeting specific Eircodes and addresses. Simply supply us with your target list and we will use our ArcGIS and advanced mapping tools to identify and map your target audience.

This service is ideal for: 

Targeted delivery to a set database.

Planning and targeting specific demographics.

Delivery of monthly newsletters or programs to member databases.

Demographic Mapping Tool

What is demographic mapping?

Demographic mapping is segmenting areas based on different demographics of the residents including family size, lifestyle group, age, spending power, education and even income. The data from this can be segmented into different markets, which allow companies to accurately target consumers.

How it works?

We use ArcGIS along with demographic data from ESRI to populate the exact areas where your leaflet or communication letter would land in the hands of your target audience.

Either you tell us what kind of demographic you would like to target or ask us.

Who can you target?

We can breakdown the country into thousands of SABs (Small area boundaries) based on the following:

  • Group type
  • Age range
  • Income
  • Children
  • Home type
  • Mortgaged/renting/social housing
  • Household type
  • Online purchasing
  • How many cars per home
  • TV viewing level
  • Education
  • Spending power

Click here to explore the Demographic Mapping Tool.

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