The Industrial IoT, has its own set of unique technologies to redefine efficiency. Previous industrial revolutions have improved efficiency within specific areas of expertise. But IIoT has advanced all areas, making it arguably the most disruptive movement.

Through the first industrial revolution, steam and mechanization challenged mechanical engineers. Electricity and factories challenged operational and electrical engineering in the second, while computers and data improved automation and reduced the need for human intervention in the third.

Industry 4.0 is challenging all areas of operations, forcing all of us to evolve beyond linear expectations of improving efficiency. Data has exploded to unmanageable levels in many ways.

How can you improve operational efficiency?

Integrating computers and systems to encompass entire operations can provide deep analytics that inform proactive as well as active measures. To keep up with these changes, industries must rewire their processes with IIoT.

Of course, rewiring industries such as manufacturing is not easy as it sounds. Every development has inherent problems. Everyone must understand and accommodate new tools, insights, and methods.

Employees, teams, and managers often feel overwhelmed by all the data, but if we don't know how to interpret and act on the information, it adds no value. How do we handle it?

Some essential questions you should ask yourself and your organisation:

  • What exactly do we want to improve?
  • What data do we need for improvement?
  • How can we add that data where we need it?
  • How do we interpret and visualise the data?
  • How can we secure our data while making it accessible to those who need it?

When data becomes insight and insight becomes action, we can optimise the whole process within a user's daily life, and IIoT systems can scale up at any time.


IIoT technologies offer manufacturers the opportunity to transform their businesses.

You need access to the right information to make good decisions and act on them. With real-time analysis, any plants can improve efficiency and reduce, even eliminate, problems. Good data can ensure safety and quality while reducing costs.

Every industry has quality standards and safety regulations they must meet, and production must become more lean and agile than ever as pressure increases from both consumers and regulators.

 IIoT services such as Netilion from Endress+Hauser can help. Netilion is an ecosystem combining digital services and system components intended to improve lifecycle and asset management, maintenance, and support of instruments and analysers.

Netilion enables users to keep track of their installed base, documentation and data management, instruments’ performance, and health status. Netilion’s digital services available today are Scanner, Analytics, Health, Library and Value. Find out how Netilion can help you improve operational efficiency.

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