A substantial revision of the performance standard for manhole covers and gully gratings in the shape of EN 124:2015 now provides a clear adherence framework for manufacturers and project designers.

Superseding EN 124:1994, this European Standard is now broken down into six parts. Part 1 contains general design and performance requirements. Parts 2-6 address performance requirements for manhole tops and gully tops made of specific materials.

Flush Fit cover with torsion spring lift assistance and jail bar fall protection safety grids

When specifying access solutions for Water Networks, Part 3 is applicable for manhole tops made of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys with a clear opening up to and including 1,000 x 1,000 mm for inspection chambers installed in areas subjected to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic.

As well as performance requirements, there is also a requirement for the following markings to be a permanent, integral part of the cover and frame:

  1. Name of the European Standard-EN 124-3
  2. Appropriate class (D400)
  3. Name and/or identification mark of the manufacturer
  4. Factory of manufacturer which may be in code
  5. Date or week and year of manufacture (coded or not coded)

Safety improvement – anti-skid surface

A critical safety improvement to EN 124-3:2015, is the requirement that covers have a suitably coarse skid-resistant upper surface, meeting a specific Unpolished Skid Resistant Value (USRV) rendering them safe to use under foot and wheel traffic. 

EJ achieves and exceeds the required USRV by torching on an additional layer of preformed thermoplastic surface material to the covers

On standard steel covers the chequer plate cannot give the raised pattern height required by the EN 124 standard which is 2mm - 6mm for B125 & C250 and 3mm-8mm for D400 loading.

To achieve and exceed the required USRV, the standard allows for the application of an additional layer of preformed thermoplastic surface material to the cover.

Large opening chambers and BS 9124

While EN 124-3:2015 deals with clear opening up to and including one metre, BS 9124 exists for steel and aluminum covers spanning greater than a clear opening of 1,000mm x 1,000mm. BS 9124 also requires that the fall protection safety grids pass a Drop Test which all EJ fabricated safety grids comply with.

A guarantee of conformance with third party certification

As EN 124:2015 has undergone a substantial revision of performance and safety criteria, and designers understand the dangers and risks to clients/operators of installing products that vary in quality and performance, independent certification should be insisted upon to eliminate safety risks and associated costs.

EJ steel covers are independently tested and accredited by the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) and carry the certification mark. In addition, our welders and fabricators are qualified to the ISO EN9606-1 standard which is a mandatory requirement of EN 124:2015 and BS 9124 with testing annually.

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