For more than 45 years, leading heating technology manufacturer Grant has been developing innovative heating products for a range of properties across Ireland.

With high efficiency and sustainability as key factors in the design of today’s heating systems, Grant manufactures heating technologies which work seamlessly together to provide value for money to develop highly efficient, sustainable heating solutions and in-house services to benefit those working on new build and deep retrofit projects.   

Within Grant’s diverse product portfolio is the Uflex underfloor heating system and Afinia aluminium radiator range – both of which are key products within the company’s heat emitter offering and can be controlled by Grant’s smart heating controls.

Afinia aluminium radiators

Grant’s Afinia aluminium radiators are a great choice to heat individual rooms within a property as these modern heat emitters can efficiently distribute heat, while offering versatility to support the overall design and architecture of the space. 

The aluminium composition of these radiators offers excellent conductivity and a quick response heating and cooling time. In addition to its efficient performance, the Afinia range’s modern white powder-coated exterior is aesthetically pleasing and both vertical and horizontal combinations are available. Grant Afinia radiators can also expand from 6-20 panels and offer easy installation and adaptability to suit the unique needs of the property.  

Uflex underfloor heating

The Grant Uflex underfloor heating system is the perfect choice for those constructing new build, open plan properties. This system is designed to heat larger spaces evenly, whilst remaining completely hidden from view.

The Uflex system is embedded within the floor construction and is tailored to specific areas to ensure optimal heating. Homeowners can enjoy consistent heating and superior comfort with the added convenience of individual zone heating control. With easy installation and optimal functionality, the Grant Uflex underfloor heating system is the perfect heating solution for larger open plan spaces.

Smart heating controls

Grant's neoHub controls system is a smart heating controls technology designed to remotely regulate heating systems and promote energy savings in homes.

By adjusting the heating temperature as quickly as possible, the system helps homeowners maximise energy efficiency without any extra effort. The Grant neoApp takes things a step further by enabling homeowners to manage their home heating easily and efficiently from anywhere using their smartphones.

With the neoApp, homeowners can say goodbye to the stress of wondering whether they turned off the heating before leaving the house or whether the timer was set correctly.

The neo system and app come equipped with built-in geo-location technology that ensures maximum energy efficiency by adjusting the temperature automatically when the property is empty and increasing it when the occupants return. This feature helps homeowners reduce their environmental impact while saving on energy costs.

Grant’s heating technologies have been designed to work together seamlessly to achieve high efficiency heating solutions. Both the Afinia aluminium radiator range and Uflex underfloor heating system are compatible with high and low temperature systems, meaning both will work effectively with Grant’s biofuel compatible Grant Vortex range or Grant’s Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump range.

Installers and engineers can have a bespoke heating system designed and specified for each room based on flow rates and heat loss calculations, by availing of Grant’s free heating design service. This service helps save considerable time and provides assurance from knowing that the system is compliant in terms of Part L of the building regulations in the Republic of Ireland.

Think Heating. Think Grant.

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