Beer is brewed using naturally grown products that vary from year to year and from harvest to harvest. The brewer must react to these changes to produce a beer of stable quality, and moreover, the beer must also taste the same year after year in order to meet the customer's expectations. To hit this moving target, a lot of experience is necessary. And that is the art of brewing beer.

For decades, global and local producers, as well as plant and machine builders have profited from our support and innovations designed to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Globally, Endress+Hauser actively partners with breweries and brewery equipment providers in more than 100 countries to share experience and knowledge.

State-of-the-art sensor technology

Endress+Hauser is here to help you run your process consistently on a high-quality level day and night. Our state-of-the-art sensor technology supports the brewing process. Constantly improved accuracy of process sensors, along with high repeatability enables you to run your process in the most efficient manner. 

We help to ensure food safety, quality and compliance. With Endress+Hauser you can meet global hygiene regulations for food safety with robust proven in-use products. Benefit from traceable and accredited calibration services at your facility or in our lab.

Accurate, hygienic inline measurements help conserve resources. Get real-time, accurate data from your critical processes and save money on raw materials, water, energy and labour, without interrupting your production.

Receive quality guidance of the optimum-fit products for your specific needs from a network of global and local experts who stay by your side through the entire life cycle.

Benefit from instrumentation

Smaller breweries benefit from instrumentation in the same way as larger operations. The challenge is to know where to start and how to justify the initial expense.

Endress+Hauser supports small as well as large scale breweries with high-quality measurement solutions that are scalable to your needs. The first challenge for a smaller operation is to achieve stable quality.

Small breweries also need the critical information about their brewing process. This includes the amount of water they use in mashing and sparging as well as how much beer is moved in the cold block. High accuracy temperature sensors in brew house and fermenter ensure stable production conditions.

Trust our reliable instruments for quality measurement that supplies the necessary data for ideal processes, supports suitable solutions for tracking and tracing your beer and minimises product losses. Our experienced team of industry and application experts helps you select the right process instrumentation for your critical parameters.

Contact Endress+Hauser today to see how we can help improve your beer quality control. Whether you are a larger or a smaller brewery, we can provide custom solutions to fit your application.

If you are interested in measurement solutions from Endress+Hauser for your brewery contact us today on 045 989 200, or email us at Visit here for more information.