When welding with a premium Maxx® weld process gas from Air Products, welding speeds increase by at least 17%, meaning more output per man hour.

Sir Dave Brailsford from Team Sky once said: "The whole principle of marginal gains came from the idea that if you broke down everything that could impact on a cycling performance — absolutely everything you could think of — and then you improved everything little thing by 1%, when you clump it all together, you're going to get quite a significant increase in performance.

So, we set about looking at everything we could." British Cycling, under the guidance of Sir Dave Brailsford, have been incredibly successful.

Small changes all add up

“What has this got to do with welding?” I hear you say. The concept is just as applicable in fabrication – small changes all add up.

For example, when welding with a premium Maxx® weld process gas from Air Products, welding speeds increase by at least 17% meaning, more output per man hour. Likewise, weld quality improves via increased penetration and a smoother finish reducing the requirement for expensive re-working or finishing.

Even when we take it to the next level of granularity, the benefits are still incremental.  Reduced spatter from welding costly stainless steel with Inomaxx® weld process gas significantly cuts both the time and cost of post-weld cleaning. This saves you money and frees up more production time. 

The compact 300 bar Integra® cylinder also has a whole host of cost benefits from the most basic elimination of the need to purchase a regulator, to the time saved searching for spanners and keys thanks to the snap on Integra® Flow Optimiser.

Eliminate need to shut down production

If your operation is at the other end of the size scale, then the telemetry in the Air Products liquid tanks combined with the high-pressure refill process means you eliminate the need to shut down production.

Finally, if all of this is combined with the Air Products Gastrak® service to drive down excessive welding gas consumption then this all adds up to a huge boost to your bottom line.

Don’t just take our word for it.  A small change in your welding gas selection can lead to big gains in your business- find out more at www.airproducts.ie/maxx

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