KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 236 is a coloured, thixotropic adjusted 2-Component-Epoxy- Resin-Coating for thin, burling-textured coating. Due to its consistency, the surface structure can be achieved easily. KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 236 results in optically appealing floor and wall coatings with a textured, glossy and free-of-pores surface. The coating is abrasion resistant and resistant to light mechanical load. By adding 10-15 % of silicum carbide abrasion, resistance and slip-resistance can be increased. The coating offers good resistance to chemicals, especially to aqueous salt solutions, acids and bases, as well as oil and benzene. Conditionally resistant to diluted organic acids, KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 236 offers a good colour tone stability. Application Area

  • Floor and wall coating for all commercially and industrially used areas like production rooms, assembly halls and stockage rooms, repair shops and many other rooms
Build-Up of System
  • Layer in detail
  • Lamination Strength 0.5 – 1.0 mm
  • Textured Coating KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 236
  • Scratch Coat (Optional) KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 50 blended with KLB-Sand Blend 2/1
  • Base Coat KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 50
  • Substrate requirements to the substrate according to the BEB-worksheets and our detailed base coat instructions or advice by our technicians.
System Variant Commercially and industrially used coatings can be produced as follows:
  • Layer in detail
  • Decorative scattering adding partiColor®-chips (size 1 mm) and subsequently sealing is suitable for the coloured design. Apply a matt sealer finish
  • To increase the slip resistance grade add 10-15% silicum carbide
  • Slip-resistance grade
  • Matting for a matt surface additionally apply KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 705 E/EP 706 E
  • Alternative Coatings Standard: KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 213 or EP 220
  • Elastic: KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHANE PU 420 or PU 421
  • Thin-coated, conductive: KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 233 EL+
  • Steam-permeable: KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 740 E
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