Are you looking to learn more about sustainability and climate action? We would like to invite you to join us for this free ‘Climate Action & Sustainability’ webinar series from leading academics in Trinity College Dublin to share the latest concepts, technologies and solutions that will help deliver our goals in the areas of climate action and sustainability.

We invite you to share details of our free webinar series, running on Wednesday lunchtimes from 1-2pm, with those working in this space, or have an interest in pursuing a career that supports a cleaner, green world.

Our first four speakers are from the Engineering field – discussing the future of decarbonising transport, low-carbon materials, efficiency buildings and renewable energy. Further speakers will incorporate aspects of biodiversity, new technologies, the circular economy, and societal or system change.

The overall programme will draw upon expert academic speakers across our new E3 – Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies research community at Trinity.

I look forward to you joining us for this exciting webinar series, and click here to find out more and to register for these sessions and to keep up to date of future sessions.