Cantillon 2024 takes place in Kerry on March 7 and will feature a line-up of senior business and transformation thought leaders. Tickets are on sale now! 

Cantillon 2024, scheduled for March 7 at Ballygarry Estate hotel, Tralee, Co Kerry, marks its 10th year as a pivotal platform for thought leaders, visionaries, and industry experts to delve into the urgent issues arising from the transformation towards a sustainable future.

Hear from industry experts

The conference will be an opportunity to hear from industry experts on topics including strategic planning, meeting future talent needs, and the evolving culture of organisations.

The conference will explore how business leaders can navigate complex transformation processes, framing transformation not just as a strategic imperative but as a commitment to a resilient and prosperous world for generations to come. Cantillon 2024 is not to be missed for those looking to lead transformation in their organisation. 

President of MTU Professor Maggie Cusack, expressed the urgency of the conference: "Tickets are selling fast, be sure to secure your place at Cantillon 2024 which aims to spark innovative solutions to the most pressing issues in securing a sustainable future, honouring the legacy of Richard Cantillon, the pioneering economist."

In a rapidly changing global landscape, Cantillon 2024 highlights the importance of the need for transformation across sectors from technology and energy to healthcare and manufacturing.

Collectively address challenges

The conference serves as a nexus for industry leaders, policymakers, scholars, and innovators to collectively address challenges and strategically plan for a sustainable future. The need for transformation extends beyond businesses – influencing economies, shaping policies, and necessitating the cultivation of a dynamic talent pool geared for the future.

Cantillon 2024 will feature a diverse array of presentations, interactive panel discussions, and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The conference will emphasise the urgency recognised by governmental bodies to develop and implement policies fostering sustainability.

From carbon emissions reduction to incentivising green innovations, policymakers play a crucial role in steering industries towards a secure and sustainable future.

Organisers are urging those interested to secure their tickets fast before they are sold out.