King’s Inns Advanced Diploma in Planning and Environmental Law: Assisting engineers in navigating legal issues concerning planning and the environment. 

Environmental law is a constantly evolving issue that will be crucial in the coming decades. Governments and global society have emphasised the significance of investing in environmental protection.

As an example of that, on April 17, 2023, with the implementation of Practice Direction HC119, the High Court created a new Commercial Planning and Environmental List designed to enable a more effective system for dealing with Planning and Environmental litigation in Ireland.

In addition, with the imminent enactment of the draft Planning and Development Bill 2022, and an unprecedented number of preliminary references from the Irish High Court both being determined and currently pending before the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the legal landscape in this area is fast evolving.

The Advanced Diploma in Planning and Environmental Law at King's Inns, coordinated by barrister Cathal Lenaghan BL, provides engineer professionals with important insights into current and emerging legal concerns in the planning, engineer, design, and construction industries.

Lectures are presented online in brief 1.5-hour early morning sessions by prominent experts in this field, allowing professionals to engage regardless of their geographical location. The design of the course schedule is to accommodate the needs of participants in full-time employment. It will take place over a period of about 22 weeks, with lectures on Thursdays from 8.30am to 10am from October 2023 to May 2024.

Comprehensive practical knowledge and valuable insights

This advanced diploma provides participants with a thorough practical understanding of Planning and Environmental Law, which is useful for engineering professionals who give guidance on planning and critical infrastructure applications, enforcement issues, development plans and strategic planning, waste management, and climate resilience and adaptation.

The course draws planners, engineers, architects, and construction managers, as well as An Bord Pleanála inspectors and consultants, local government officials, NGOs, and individuals working in the planning and environmental fields. The fact that this course is being taught by a broad set of professionals helps participants to learn from one another, especially during tutorials and Q&A sessions.

Participants will be able to utilise important legal vocabulary fluently and accurately after finishing the course; apply suitable legal concepts to a variety of factual settings; and analyse, criticise, and defend legal arguments on planning and environmental law.

'As a refresher course on planning law this is the best course in Ireland. It does exactly what it says on the tin. I would recommend the course to practising planners who are trying to keep up with planning and environmental law while also very busy at work. The lecturers are high calibre and worth listening to. The notes are second to none.' (Graduate of 2023)


Course fee and application process

The course fee is €2,850. To be awarded the advanced diploma, a participant must complete two written assessments successfully. There are no admission requirements for this course. However, a place on the highly sought-after course is not secured until the course fee is received in full.

The application deadline for the course is midnight (Irish time) on Thursday, October 5, 2023. To view the class schedule and the list of expert speakers for this course - and also apply for this diploma, visit the King’s Inns website here.