“Law should not just be left to lawyers to understand. It is a fundamental part of any business practice today,” says Dr Eimear Brown, dean of the School of Law at King’s Inns.

King’s Inns offers a broad range of highly sought after legal courses. These courses are open to non-legal professionals and cater to the contemporary businessperson, assisting them in understanding and navigating the current legal issues that affect their day-to-day operations.

Amid growing complexity, businesses now face unprecedented challenges in today’s market; to stay competitive, a practical understanding of the relevant domestic and EU legislation is essential.

All walks of life

“Law is for everyone, and the people who undertake our professional development courses are mostly non-legal professionals,” said Dr Brown. “They can be HR professionals, data protection officers, planners, architects, engineers, construction managers, IT people, communication and marketing people, teachers, accountants, self-employed people, directors from small and big companies.

"So our students come from all walks of life, living across Ireland and beyond, ranging in age from early 20s to the over-70s.”

Having a diverse group of professionals studying this course allows participants to learn from each other, especially during tutorials and Q&A sessions.

Professional development courses on offer for this academic year include topics such as Planning and Environmental Law, Public Procurement Law, and Social Media and Media Law. “Some advanced diploma courses are of importance regardless of the sector concerned. After all, Data Protection Law and Applied Employment Law are areas that affect almost every business,” said Dr Brown.

“Social Media and Media Law is of increasing general importance in a society where nearly every business relies upon media for some aspect of its business, whether that be promotion or customer service or the direct provision of services.”

The Planning and Environmental Law and Public Procurement Law courses are very popular with engineers as they cover a wide variety of current and emerging issues relating to their profession.

Accessible learning

King’s Inns has been at the forefront of digital learning and prioritises ease of accessibility to its courses, which are currently offered online through an easy-to-navigate Virtual Learning Environment.

Delivered by seasoned, highly experienced practitioners, many of the Professional Development courses at King’s Inns are designed with busy schedules in mind and offer classes either early in the morning, in the evenings or at weekends, with sessions recorded for those unable to attend live sessions.

The deadline for applications for this year’s intake are fast approaching, with courses commencing in October. There are no admission requirements for many of the courses.

However, a place is not secured until the course fee is received in full. To view the list of courses on offer and their class schedule - and also apply, visit the King’s Inns website here.

About King’s Inns

Based between Henrietta Street and Constitution Hill in Dublin 1, King’s Inns is an independent educational institution renowned for professional legal education and training. It is Ireland’s oldest School of Law and one of Ireland’s significant historical environments.

As well as educating future and qualified barristers, the School extends its reach to a diverse community of people from legal and non–legal backgrounds offering accessible part-time courses in specialist areas of the law.

With courses taught by expert law practitioners, King’s Inns students include leaders, advocates, innovators, and game-changers, from industries across Ireland and abroad. The School excels in promoting the use of the Irish language in the law. 

For more information, please visit kingsinns.ie