Wavin, the leading global manufacturer of stormwater solutions, has launched AquaGrid 40, its innovative new pervious paving system manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. 

SuDS solution

The product offers a SuDS (Sustainable Drainage System) solution for source control of storm water management for fire engine access, car parks, landscaped areas and driveways.

An extension to Wavin’s Stormwater Range, AquaGrid 40 is a 330mm x 330mm square paving unit that interlinks with integrated locking lugs. 

These sections can be filled with grass or gravel to provide up to 90% permeable surface area.

Lightweight and easy to install, AquaGrid 40 is also ultra-reliable, with impressive strength, loading and durability credentials. It is a real alternative to hard impermeable surfacing e.g tarmac and concrete. 

Also Aquagrid provides support to make loose gravel surfaces trafficable for wheel chair access, bicycles , prams and ease of walking for pedestrians.

Climate change

John McPeake, technical sales manager at Wavin, said: “We are all aware of the increasing number heavy rainfall events due to climate change and the greater occurrence of flash flooding due to the overloading of the aging drainage networks. Permeable surface solutions like Aquagrid 40 prevent the surface run-off and reduce the risk of flooding. A key pillar for a Suds system is source control ie capture the rainfall at source, again Aquagrid ticks this box.

"The call for action on climate change is now, Aquagrid 40 offers architects, engineers and developers a real solution to many locations such as drive ways were permeable surfaces are typically the default option. 

"Also Aquagrid 40 is suitable for retrofitting many existing permeable surfaces."

To find out more about AquaGrid 40 please visit: wavin.ie/aquagrid and for the complete Wavin Stormwater management range, please visit: .wavin.ie,