Selecting the appropriate material is crucial for the triumph of your 3D printing endeavour. With UltiMaker's open filament system, you have the freedom to utilise any 2.85 mm filament, while leveraging print profiles from the UltiMaker Marketplace to streamline print preparation and enhance your print success rate.

S series UltiMaker 3D printers boast compatibility with the broadest array of materials on the market, empowering you to explore new applications with exacting specifications. Opt for NFC-enabled UltiMaker filaments, rigorously tested for thousands of hours, or opt for polymers from reputable material companies, benefiting from freely available proven material profiles on the UltiMaker Marketplace. 

High-performance applications

Use UltiMaker composites to create high-performance applications, from functional prototypes to manufacturing aids and replacement parts.

UltiMaker offers a wide range of 3D printing composites including ABS CF, PET CF and Nylon CF.

UltiMaker has partnered with more than 60 leading materials companies, who have tested and optimised their materials for UltiMaker printers and published more than 300 print profiles on the UltiMaker Marketplace. From easily printable polymers to specific filaments certified for engineering applications – UltiMaker offers the widest material choice on the market.

Launched earlier this year, UltiMaker’s PET-CF offers high strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance in comparison to most 3D printer polymers.  Allowing users create functional prototypes, tooling, and fixtures as well as replacement parts with high performance properties, opening the applications space for the 3D printing process.

Inspire 3D is Ireland’s professional 3D printing systems provider and award-winning partner for UltiMaker. "We help our customers to adopt additive manufacturing, offering training, applications development, consultancy, support, and installation. Providing customers with the best in 3D printing technologies, Irish based logistics and after sales support.

"Our aim is not to sell you what we can sell the quickest, but to work with our customers to provide them with a streamlined fit for purpose solution, integrating 3D printing into their business with ease and efficiency."

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