Pipelife Ireland is delighted to welcome Midea to the Pipelife family. The Midea Monobloc heat pump is the latest addition to our range of heating solutions and will complement our existing range of heat pumps, underfloor heating, smart controls, low temperature radiators, heat recovery units and air conditioning units!  

Midea is the world’s No 1 manufacturer of HVAC products. In 2018 Forbes Global named Midea as the world’s 253rd largest business as a result of $40bn worth of sales.

With a European market share of more than 20%, Midea now manufactures one in every five air conditioning systems sold into Europe, and in 2019, HVAC total global sales output reached more than 40 million systems. Midea is so confident in its products' reliability that it is offering the industry's first 10-year warranty… this is a game changer!

Discover easy comfort

The Midea M Thermal is an integrated system that provides space heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water, offering a complete, all-year-round solution which can remove the need for traditional gas or oil boilers, or work together with them.

A compact solution where a single unit is installed on the outside of the property, taking up no space inside and can be used alongside an existing heating solution. The heat pump is connected to the indoor heating system simply by laying two heat insulated pipes and the electric connection cables under the ground.

The Midea M Thermal Monobloc air-to-water heat pump systems are available in single phase capacities of 4kW-16kW, or three phase capacities of 12kW to 30kW.

M thermal A Series have higher leaving water temperature in low ambient temperature. The water temperature is up to 60℃ at -15℃ ambient temperature. With the help of AHS or IBH, water temperature can reach 65℃ at -25℃

Michael Geary, technical sales manager at Pipelife, said: “One of the things that’s really clear when you look at the Midea unit is that the engineers have clearly looked at other machines available on the market and what the best features were when they made this unit.

One of the quietest on the market

"An example of this would be how they have managed to get 16 kilowatts out of a unit that which only has a single fan. This comes down to the design of the fan unit itself with Midea making out a scallop shape cut out of the blade and this is done to help increase air flow but also to keep the sound down, hence the Midea unit can boost to being one of the quietest on the market today.

“The Midea unit comes with all the features that you’d expect, weather compensation, two-zone control, legionella protection, quiet modes etc. So everything that all major brands include in their heat pumps come with this as well.  

"The biggest advantage we see with the Midea unit is the fact that they offer a 10-year warranty. This really reinforces the quality of the unit and is currently the longest guarantee on the market today! For us we think this represents the next generation of heat pumps.”

10-year warranty 

Nothing says you are confident in the quality of your heat pump, more than a 10-year warranty.

Wide operation range

Available in single phase capacities of 4 kW - 16 kW, or three phase capacities of 12 kW to 30 kW.

Domestic hot water and underfloor heating

The M Thermal can provide domestic hot water (up to 55°C) and underfloor heating, improving room comfort.

Perfect small spaces

The M Thermal is designed for installation in any type of property, especially homes with limited space. Being a compact system with a single unit installed outdoors means the available space indoors remains unchanged.


A+++ ErP Energy Rating Efficient heating capacity even when at -7°C air temperature. Maintains continuous hot water supply up to 55°C even with outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C.

Easy installation and maintenance

All functions are achieved with a single outdoor unit, bringing significant cost savings. Furthermore, installation is quicker and easier as there is no need for refrigerant piping, and the product is pre-charged at the factory. Two-door design for easy access to internal components for easy maintenance.

So so quiet 

Engineered to be no noisier than 35db(A) sound pressure level at three metres. the Midea M Thermal range need never bother your neighbours ever again.

R32 Refrigerant –

With a global warming potential of 675 (two-thirds less than R410a) R32 is better for the environment.