Kaeser is proud to introduce its latest range of dry-running rotary screw compressors, the 'CSG-2' series. Available with drive powers ranging from 37 to 90 kW, these two-stage machines provide free air deliveries from 5.4 to 13.1 m³/min for pressures between 4 and 10 bar (g). Together with the existing DSG-2 and FSG-2 series, KAESER‘s Oil-Free range now covers free air deliveries ranges from 5.4 to 50.0 m³/min, and 3.2 to 50.8 m³/min for variable speed machines.

Ensuring ultra-efficient compressed air production at all times, the 'CSG-2' systems are the ideal choice for applications where oil free-compression is required. Users can choose between air- and water-cooled versions and also have the option of 'SFC' variable speed control for applications with fluctuating air demand. 

Kaeser's new CSG-2 dry-running rotary screw compressors combine impressive durability and efficiency with environmentally friendly design

Perfectly suited to applications where air quality is paramount

The CSG is perfectly suited to applications where air quality is paramount, eg, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, medical devices etc.

At the heart of these versatile units lies a quality, two-stage compressor airend. The rotors are equipped with 'Ultra Coat', which is resistant to temperatures up to 300 °C. Because this cost-reducing coating is also highly abrasion-proof, its sealing and protection performance remains virtually unchanged even after years of operation.

As a result, compressed air delivery also remains consistent. In other words, dry-running rotary screw compressors from Kaeser consume no more energy after years of use than when first commissioned in order to deliver their rated free air delivery.

'Ultra Coat' therefore helps to keep total system costs to a minimum. Air-cooled systems designed for use in ambient temperatures up to 45 °C also provide further significant potential for additional long-term savings.

Dependability and efficiency in 'CSG-2' systems are enhanced by the new PC-based 'Sigma Control 2' internal controller: a powerful combination of multiple control modes, a timer and base load sequencing provides additional energy savings.

Saving even more energy

Moreover, a precision electronic pressure sensor keeps switching differential to a minimum thereby saving even more energy. The 'Sigma Control 2' also offers added advantages: this advanced system provides greater flexibility through its numerous interfaces and innovative plug-in communication modules.

Therefore, connection to energy-saving master control systems, computer networks and/or remote diagnostics and monitoring systems, such as Kaeser's Teleservice facility, couldn’t be easier.

The large display located on the control panel also simplifies on-site communication with the system, whilst an SD card slot speeds up data-reading and update processes.

Furthermore, the addition of an RFID reader ensures service continuity, increases security and significantly raises service quality. The 'Sigma Control 2' is also responsible for compressor monitoring.

As you might expect from a leading compressed air systems provider such as Kaeser, all 'CSG-2' compressors are powered by IE4 premium efficiency motors. The VSD  Compressors are rated to the highest energy efficiency standard IES2.

Standard equipment also includes 'PT 100' sensors for measurement and monitoring of the motor winding temperature. This enables full use of the maximum motor switching frequency and minimises costly idling periods.

Other technical refinements

These advantages, coupled with numerous other technical refinements, ensure that every unit lives up to the Kaeser quality promise.

For example, the use of stainless steel rotors in the second compression stage helps guarantee compressed air quality and significantly enhances service life.

In addition, as air intake is regulated via a hydraulically operated inlet valve, there's no need for regular replacement of pneumatic diaphragms. This consequently reduces both service costs and downtime.

Furthermore, the use of fibre-free pulse dampers keeps pressure loss to an absolute minimum, maintains consistent air quality and prevents contamination of the compressed air.

Last, but not least, the 'CSG-2' series continues the Kaeser tradition of super-quiet performance. Using the very latest in computer-aided measurement technology, Kaeser's development engineers were able to precisely analyse all sound sources and ensure that these versatile systems operate with minimal sound levels.