In 2024, to add to its bespoke portfolio of services, Sonas Technical unveiled its talent solutions division, headed up by Tanya Rampaul, who has joined Sonas Technical in the capacity of talent solutions director.

Tanya’s career spans more than 25 years within the industry bringing a wealth of experience in global recruitment operations to include in-house talent acquisition; recruitment process outsourcing; managed services; volume recruitment; and agency.

Her operational experience (both onsite and offsite) ranges from blue chip clients to SMBs across a range of sectors and disciplines to include biotech, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical devices, manufacturing, engineering, business outsourcing, IT, food, travel, shared services, and financial services industries.

Outsource finding and hiring talent

Working with Sonas Technical’s talent solutions division allows your business to outsource finding and hiring talent. It is so important within your talent strategies to work with trusted vendors to identify qualified candidates and expand your reach and search capabilities.

Many companies are looking to solidify their agency relationships with exclusive partnerships and dedicated talent solutions that suit their needs. The range of offering provided by its talent solutions team differs from traditional recruitment due to the scale of the projects it undertakes – recruitment is primarily finding one person for a specific vacancy, while its talent solutions offerings can cover your company’s ongoing hiring needs, handling the processes all the way through.

We offer several options across talent solutions to include but not exhaustive of:

  • Recruiter-on-demand;
  • Dedicated team builder;
  • Recruitment process outsourcing;
  • Master vendor solutions.

All of the above talent solutions can be tailored to your business needs and are adaptable in nature to work with you, providing the best solution for what suits you currently within your organisation. How we differ to our competitors is our ability to be agile to suit the project and ramp up as necessary which allows us to be a better fit for organisations needing that level of flexibility.

Sonas Technical is a professional search and talent solutions provider to the pharma and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, construction and utilities industries.

Curated deep talent pools

During its 12 years in business, it has curated deep talent pools throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe that ensures a steady pipeline of available talent to its clients on a flexible or permanent basis.

It uses cutting-edge technology and advanced AI to attract talent – followed by a human touch to engage and nurture. Its team of expert talent partners have unrivalled expertise in each of their core areas. It specialises in supporting the following types of roles.

  • Engineering; product, project or design;
  • Quality control and safety;
  • Production management, CNC and tooling;
  • Technical sales and support;
  • Business support: operations, procurement, admin etc;
  • Executive and C-Suite search.