maxon, the manufacturer of DC motor and drive solutions, has released a new speed and current controller for micromotors that optimises control precision. 

The new ESCON2 controller, for brushed DC and brushless DC motors up to 1,800W continuous duty, is designed for OEM integration into customer systems. ESCON2 enhances control with features including field-oriented control (FOC) as well as acceleration and velocity feed forward.

ESCON2 provides 4-quadrant operation, giving control over forward and reverse directions, as well as braking. maxon’s new speed and torque controller is suitable for DC motors up to 3,600W maximum peak duty, and 30A continuous current up to 60A peak current.

Adds new features that enhance control

Building on its predecessor, maxon’s ESCON motor controller, ESCON2 adds new features that enhance control. FOC functionality ensures smoother and more precise operation to increase overall performance. In addition, acceleration and velocity feed-forward improves response times and control accuracy. ESCON2 also features high control cycle rates, enabling rapid and accurate speed and torque adjustments to changing conditions.

Further increasing control precision, ESCON2 can integrate with absolute encoders, as well as incremental encoders and Hall sensors. This compatibility also extends OEM design customisation options.

ESCON2 can function as a standalone controller with analogue and digital signal command capabilities, and it can operate as a slave within a CANopen network, enhancing connectivity for industrial applications. With expanded communication options, ESCON2 also provides USB and RS232 support, enabling operation via Windows or Linux workstations. Extensive, configurable digital and analogue I/O also increases wider integration options, including eight digital and two analogue inputs, and three digital and two analogue outputs.

Simple design integration

With high power density and a compact footprint, the controller provides simple design integration. ESCON2 is available in a Module PCB format, enabling direct OEM installation, and measures just 67mm x 43mm x 7.8mm. ESCON2 is also available in a Compact format featuring connectors already fitted, ready for easy assembly, and in total measures just 93.5mm x 46mm x 41mm.

For easy drive system configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics, maxon’s Motion Studio graphic user interface provides easy interaction with ESCON2. Accessible for new users, as well as providing advanced control options, Motion Studio also includes Autotune functionality, streamlining the process to achieve optimal motor control performance. Free to download, Motion Studio’s accessible interface reflects maxon’s commitment to make motor control easy and efficient for all users. 

“The new ESCON2 builds on the capabilities of the original ESCON, delivering even greater functionality over speed and torque control,” said maxon engineer and controller specialist, Amir Janjua. “The cutting-edge features and enhanced functionality set a new standard in precision and efficiency. ESCON2 has been developed in response to user feedback, and these advances position ESCON2 as the next evolution in motor control."