Sanbra Fyffe Ltd, market leaders in the supply of plumbing and heating products in Ireland, is celebrating the renewal of its licence to use NSAI’s Irish standard mark in the manufacture of its Instantor® range of brass compression fittings. Awarded by the NSAI, this certification is a true statement of quality and highlights Sanbra Fyffe’s commitment to the manufacture and supply of superior plumbing fittings and validates that Instantor® conforms to I.S. EN 1254-2. During September 2015, the Instantor® range of brass compression fittings underwent a rigorous and thorough certification audit with the NSAI to International Standard EN 1254-2. The successful outcome of this resulted in the renewal of Sanbra Fyffe’s original licence number 1.8.1 in connection with the manufacture of Instantor® fittings. Sanbra Fyffe is the only Irish supplier and manufacturer to achieve the NSAI standard on compression fittings up to and including 2”/54mm. The I.S. EN 1254-2 certificate was formally presented to Noel Conroy, commercial manager of Sanbra Fyffe by Sean Balfe, director of sustainability and built environment, NSAI at NSAI headquarters on October 12, 2015. Conroy said:  “This is a great achievement for the company.  Since the introduction of new building regulations, and a heightened awareness of standards and the importance of using quality products in construction, this certification serves to assure our customers of Instantor’s quality, durability and total reliability.“Sanbra Fyffe is the only Irish company to be awarded this certificate by the NSAI for fittings up to and including 2”/54mm. The industry has seen so many Irish importers in recent years offering fittings with a stamping reading EN 1254-2 on their products. "With NSAI Certification up to 2”/54mm Sanbra Fyffe can differentiate completely from certain competitors misleading claims. The NSAI certificate provides a confidence and reassurance for the builder providers, plumbing and heating stores and the plumbing trade as a whole that Sanbra Fyffe Instantor®  products conform to the EN Standard while endorsing Sanbra Fyffes reputation as the market leading supplier of quality plumbing and heating products in Ireland.” Conroy paid tribute to his Sanbra Fyffe colleagues involved in achieving the standard and thanked Sean Balfe and Martin English for their co-operation with Sanbra Fyffe engineering and quality control staff during the certification testing process. Sanbra Fyffe Ltd, part of the Northstone group, is committed to the supply of superior plumbing products hence the company motto is 'Quality without compromise' The extensive range of plumbing and heating products provided by Sanbra Fyffe include other brands of note such as Tucson pumps, Eirline taps, Rangemaster and Leisure sinks. Sanbra Fyffe also provides OEM services as specialists in the stamping, casting and machining of brass and copper alloy components, Sanbra Fyffe manufactures both part and fully finished components for many industries today. Sanbra Fyffe Tel: +353 1 842 6255; Email,