Pipelife develops, manufactures and distributes advanced PP, PVC and PE plastic pipe systems, something we have been doing under various names since 1947.

Today, as Pipelife, part of the global Wienerberger building materials group, we are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of lightweight yet strong solutions for the complete water cycle, for energy and power distribution, for telecommunication networks and for industrial applications.

Now, in 2023, we are delighted to present the latest and most innovative iteration of our continuous development processes: the Pipelife Integrity 600 IC Manhole & Chamber.

This long-life system is the result of our dedication to learning from experience, monitoring climate and talking with customers to continually advance the design of our chamber systems. We are also looking for ways to speed up installation and improve overall integration across the entire pipeline system and the Integrity certainly delivers on this front.

Flexible and water-tight installations

The new Pipelife Integrity manholes and chambers offer strength, durability and resistance to abrasion and high temperatures, ensuring a reliable long service life. Thanks to their lightweight material they are very easy to install without the use of heavy machines, and provide an ideal solution for sewage and stormwater applications in various ground and water conditions.

Our Pipelife Integrity manholes offer a wide range of connections to the base and riser rings. In practice, engineers can design their ideal manhole without being constrained by standard inlet-angle configurations. Water tightness is also guaranteed with rubber sealing rings, even if groundwater levels are higher.

21st century design

Every element of the new Integrity system has been designed with the very best 21st century technology that promotes long-lasting and easy use.

By prioritising this functional and high-quality technology, our manholes and chambers are built to resist, adapt, flow and last and we expect each system to provide at least 50 years of reliable service as a result. The technology used fulfils all of the requirements set out in the applicable European standards.

No-compromise production processes

All Pipelife Integrity chambers and manholes are produced in an integrated, in-house production process. Because we develop and manufacture all the main elements ourselves, we can guarantee their compatibility with other Pipelife products as well as third-party ones.

This unified, no-compromise approach to meeting requirements allows us to create functional, high-quality components with clear and reliable features. This is backed by excellent service, knowledgeable staff and readily available stock.

Ideal uses for the new Pipelife Integrity Manhole & Chamber

Our new and innovative product is typically ideal for the following list of uses:

  • Sewage revision and inspection
  • Connecting sewers on different levels
  • Changing the direction of the sewer path (horizontally and vertically)
  • Changing the slope and vertical section of a sewer pipe
  • Draw tanks for sewage pumping station
  • Energy reduction
  • Water meter manholes
  • Revision and inspection of telecommunication and power networks
  • Industrial-specific needs

Please note that all of our inspection chambers can be tailored to specific needs.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions about your desired use.


Just like our products, when it comes to support and service, we think system-wide as well. Our R&D team have focused on customer needs as much as blue-sky thinking to ensure that our Integrity system can reach your stockyard in no time. We make life easier by always delivering our PRO manholes as a set and, as they are so lightweight, they are fast and simple to install when they do reach you.

If you’re keen to find out more about our latest technology and embrace the benefits of the Integrity system, simply call us on 021 488 4700 or email us at ireland@pipelife.com