When planning, developing and finishing any engineering project it is vital to consider public consultation and engagement with all stakeholders as a fundamental part of the process.

The consultation process provides a platform for the public and stakeholders to engage with the engineering company on a proposed project. 

At Complete Communications we have helped get the message out to the public on a variety of different projects including renewable energy projects, wind farms, road closures and proposed route changes on major roadways. The information gained from the public consultations has been immensely helpful in the development of these projects. 

Comcom.ie are ideally qualified to help you reach every home in your target audience. Using our ArcGIS database and advanced mapping tools we can give you an exact breakdown of property types and population. Our GPS tracked distributors will then deliver to every home in the mapped area. 

Community awareness outreach

This service is ideal for:

  • Notice of road works.
  • Water off notices.
  • Public consultations notices
  • Delivery of public consultation questionnaires. 

This service is ideal for targeting specific EIRCODEs and addresses Simply supply us with your target list and we will use our ArcGIS and advanced mapping tools to identify and map your target audience. 

Eircode mapping

This service is ideal for:

  • Targeted delivery to a set database.
  • Planning and targeting specific demographics.
  • Delivery of monthly newsletters or programs to member databases.

Reverse Eircode mapping 

We can use our Reverse Eircode mapping tool to gather all the EIRCODES within any given area. This information is split by property type and used to help our clients create a comprehensive communications package.

This service is ideal for:

  • Planning and creating marketing and communication plans.
  • Gathering data on the quantity and types of properties within a project boundary
  • to help you decide on the best message and medium need for maximum impact.

With more than 25 years of experience in postage and direct marketing, we as a company have strived to evolve the way we communicate with homes and businesses across Ireland. 

Comcom.ie has invested in resources and latest technologies such as ArcGIS Pro, Esri and Eircode which gives us the power and knowledge to precisely map and locate the target audience within a specified study area.

We have access to demographics and type (residential or commercial) of more than two million Eircodes across Ireland that enables us to help companies communicate their messages to the correct homes and businesses within the study area.

We have a unique ethos and business model, which we believe gives us both a technical and commercial advantage over many of our rivals, as well as helping to improve our clients’ satisfaction.

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