In this article, we look at how predictive maintenance, powered by internet of things (IoT) sensors and artificial intelligence (AI), is transforming the way in how machinery is maintained as industry seeks to improve productivity and avoid unanticipated equipment breakdowns. 

In manufacturing, millions of low voltage motors operate unmonitored, leading to unplanned downtime and a loss of productivity. While regular scheduled maintenance can sometimes help avoid this, it’s far from optimal.  Technology is now enabling real time monitoring of motors – leading to a reduction in maintenance and operating costs.

Enter Analog Devices OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor from O’Neill Industrial – an AI-based, high performance predictive maintenance platform dedicated to electric motors.

The Smart Motor Sensor (SMS) enables easy to set up, 24/7 monitoring of a motor in a matter of minutes to identify mechanical and electrical fault diagnostics of the most common fault types, allowing predictive maintenance on your most critical assets and beyond.

The SMS monitors the condition of your electric motor by combining best-in-class sensing technologies with leading-edge data analysis. It can detect up to nine anomalies and defects in equipment, enabling you to forecast maintenance cycles and avoid unplanned downtime.

Agnostic of motor type, ADI OtoSense SMS covers the most critical diagnostics, translating data into actionable insights. The device sends sensing data to a cloud where AI provides diagnostics and delivers prescriptive maintenance actions via a web platform and mobile app. It presents information in a clear way, telling you both what the problem is and how to fix it. 

Why our customers are using OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor:

  1. Sensing Interpretation at its best from Analog Devices, the leader in interpreting real-world physical measurements
  2. Reducing unforeseen costly downtimes
  3. Better management of spare parts and stock
  4. Optimized maintenance scheduling and resource allocation
  5. Harnessing the power of Industry 4.0

Time to rethink your predictive maintenance strategy?

Yes, if you want to realise benefits such as lowering asset maintenance costs, extending equipment life, and increasing uptime. The Smart Motor Sensor solution deployed by O’Neill Industrial enables the automated monitoring of your operation 24/7, allowing you to ensure continuity of operations and make better informed maintenance decisions.

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ADI OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor from ADIOtoSense on Vimeo.

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