Climate resilient access solutions with the STORMSURGE D400 manhole cover – reduces hazards for pedestrians and vehicle users by retaining the cover in its frame during increased water pressure.


The threat of dislodged manhole covers

Increased rainfall and extreme weather events can cause an unprecedented strain on access covers and drainage systems. Choosing the best suited access cover to protect your infrastructure in flood prone and high tide areas is a serious challenge for local authorities.

During periods of excessive rain, major tide or flooding, water pressure can become severe enough to dislodge manhole covers from their frames. This can create catastrophic hazards for both vehicle users and pedestrians. When selecting a manhole cover in high risk areas, these factors must be considered.

The SOLO 600 STORMSURGE, the climate resilient solution from EJ, offers added security where extreme water pressure is a concern. A clamp placed on the frame allows the cover to open a maximum of 15⁰ in the event of additional water flow, enabling the water to pass but ensuring the cover remains safely in place. The locking arm and hinge restrain the cover and allow it to properly reseat itself after the water subsides.

This innovative, resilient solution comprises of a ductile iron cover and frame, independently third party certified to EN 124-2, which will safeguard the infrastructure for all adverse weather events. 

High-performing access solutions

Insisting on third party certified access solutions is key to ensuring you receive the highest performing products. EN 124:2015 is the industry standard for Manhole Covers and Drainage Gratings in Europe. It details a framework of standards that manufacturers must adhere to, including rigorous testing procedures and a clearly defined specification for product markings.

Integrate a level of resilience into the design of municipal infrastructure with a full suite of access and drainage solutions by EJ, designed to protect infrastructure for storm and foul water collection systems in a secure and manageable manner. High quality, independently certified cast iron solutions ensures that EJ products are the optimal solution for roadway applications and where adverse weather is a concern.

For further information on these standards, please contact the Business Development team in EJ on 057 91 23100