Aquachem DAC is always on the search for new, innovative, sustainable water treatment solutions and, in 2022, it formed a partnership with the world-renowned DosaFil®, which designs and manufactures high-quality water conditioning equipment for closed heating and cooling systems.

The DosaFil-Duo® range of devices, are the only devices on the market today which offer complete treatment, combining high performance filtration with air automatic removal and safe chemical dosing in solid and liquid form.

One of the most environmentally friendly chemical systems in Ireland

This unique, patented technology cleans and treats your closed loop system online, meaning no water is wasted and no downtime required, saving you time and money. It has serious green credentials and when used with SolidTek® solid paste stick chemicals it becomes one of the most environmentally friendly chemical systems in Ireland.

Since forming our partnership earlier this year, we have already used the DosaFil® devices in a number of our sites and have seen some remarkable results.

On one of our clients’ sites, their chilled systems had been deteriorating for some time, multiple attempts to correct the system were attempted but with nothing on the market that produced long-lasting success, we anticipated a costly flush of the entire system was required. However, we then acquired our first DosaFil® device and after installation we started to notice the incredible results immediately.

After 1 week the fine filtration filter bag needed to be changed due to the sediment build up and within two weeks we visually noticed an improvement in the water quality, with PH levels increasing from 5.8 to 6.6. After two weeks the pH had stabilized at 7.0 so the system was neutral, this allowed for more filtration to take place.

After only eight weeks the water quality, PH & Iron levels drastically improved, with the equipment running much more efficiently and producing safer, quality water.

Barry Higgins, technical drector, Aquachem, said: “We are often faced with challenges in heating and cooling systems which can take some time to resolve as there was never one piece of equipment that could solve the problem, but now thanks to DosaFil-Duo® these issues can be solved in a matter of weeks.

"We have used the DosaFil-Duo® device at a number of our sites and what makes them extremely valuable is that our customers don’t need to turn off their water supply when we are flushing their system.

"We are very impressed with DosaFil® and their team, they really have developed a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, which helps us give our customers peace of mind that their water is safe and their systems are running as efficiently as possible.”

Suits specific site requirements

The DosaFil® range has nine different devices all designed to suit specific site requirements. They come wall mounted, skid mounted or as pumped devices and can be used for systems with volumes from 40,000L–306,000L. Their fine filtration system filters all contaminants from 50 to 0.5 microns allowing suspended solids to be controlled within industry standards.

Aquachem is the sole distributor for the DosaFil® range of devices in Ireland, and the firm says "we are pleased to say we can now deliver a premium product and service to our customers which will not only treat their systems quickly and efficiently, but with their eco-credentials will help our customers achieve their sustainability goals".

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