Welcome to Seal Solutions, where our mission is to provide unparalleled technical support to architects, engineers, end users, and specialist applicators within the realms of construction and manufacturing.

We are the vanguard of waterproofing systems, offering A-rated membranes such as vapour control EPAM and EPDM, along with an extensive array of sealants designed for bonding and joint sealing across diverse substrates – be it stone facades, expansion joints, fire seals, or structural glazing.

We are the proud exclusive agents for ARBO Carlisle, an institution with a rich history dating back to 1859, serving both northern and southern Ireland.

Detailed presentations

Through our detailed presentations, we enlighten specifiers and end users on the distinct advantages of our professional product range. The enduring performance of ARBO products in numerous global projects stands as a testament to their exceptional quality and innovative design.

We understand the vital importance of historical project references, which serve as powerful endorsements of ARBO Carlisle's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Introducing the A-rated EPAM façade membrane from ARBO Carlisle, known as ARBOSHIELD. This remarkable product offers W1 resistance to water penetration and features a self-adhesive layer that significantly reduces labour costs while ensuring a meticulous, quality-controlled application. We are thrilled to present this groundbreaking product in the coming months.

Our philosophy is both simple and profound: by delivering the best technical advice paired with the right product, we ensure maximum performance and longevity. While product failures are rare due to stringent manufacturing quality control, they often stem from improper preparation, incorrect product selection, and a misunderstanding of anticipated movement.

Meticulously considered

Critical factors such as differential movement, UV stability, freeze-thaw effects, and reactions with adjacent products must be meticulously considered. For instance, using an untested sealant on the edge seal of a double-glazed unit can result in significant failures. Manufacturers must precisely specify both the particular edge seal and the compatible product.

When it comes to natural stone, plastisizer migration from sealants into various types of stone is a common yet avoidable issue. With our expert advice and product selection, we can circumvent such problems. Our products are customisable in any colour to meet specific aesthetic and functional needs.

We aim to equip specifiers of materials on building projects and in diverse manufacturing sectors, such as precast concrete or timber homes, with the knowledge that our advice ensures optimal performance. Importantly, our guidance is provided free of charge.

Accountability is our motto.

With more than 40 years of experience in the construction and manufacturing industries, we understand that the correct product choice, coupled with professional application adhering to manufacturer instructions, prevents costly damage. The cost of  sealing  a project is so minimal compared to the total build cost, yet failure or water ingress can cause substantial damage far exceeding the initial investment in proper product selection and application.

For modern building facades composed of glass, metal, and natural stone, with an expected lifespan of around 50 years, it is crucial that inner membranes and seals are installed to match this longevity. Unlike outer seals, which can be replaced after 25 years, inner seals are inaccessible without incurring significant costs should failure occur. We provide expert advice on the best methods to ensure long-term performance.

The total façade cost typically represents about 15% of the entire build cost. Various elements have different life expectancies, such as fittings, glass units, membranes, and powder coatings, all of which require detailed documentation and maintenance to uphold warranties for the client.

In summary, Seal Solutions is dedicated to guiding you in best practices, ensuring the ultimate performance and longevity of your projects with our ARBO Carlisle product range. As their exclusive distributors, we are committed to accountability and excellence in every aspect.