Join COMSOL for a live webinar at 3pm BST on June 6, 2024, to learn how modelling and simulation is being used to drive innovation in photonic device design.

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Enabling technologies

Optics and photonics serve as enabling technologies in various industries, including:

  • Communication;
  • Medical technology;
  • Sensor development;
  • Quantum computing;
  • Manufacturing.

In these fields, simulation helps accelerate and reduce the cost of R&D of optical components, which can range in size from the sub-wavelength scale to optically large.

Utilising multiphysics analysis is an important aspect of R&D in this area, as it involves accounting for electro-optical, stress-optical and plasmonic effects, in addition to ubiquitous thermal effects in optical systems.

In this webinar, COMSOL’s Technical Manager, Nathaniel Davies, will discuss applications of COMSOL Multiphysics in the design of photonic devices and components in both industry and academic research.

The webinar will also include a live demonstration showing how to model surface plasmonic effects, and will conclude with a Q&A session during which you are welcome to ask questions.

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