Do you want to upskill in engineering? DCU is offering four Springboard+ courses, in the Internet of Things, Sustainable Energy Systems, Decarbonisation and Engineering Technologies.

The courses offer flexible online and offline learning opportunities to suit all needs.

Graduate Certificate in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept describing the inter-connectivity and collaboration of everyday physical objects connected via the Internet.  IoT technologies are enabling a wide range of business opportunities in the context of smart homes, neighbourhoods and cities and in the exploitation of intelligent infrastructure and services, in areas such as transport, power and healthcare.

Ireland is a global centre for ground breaking advancements in IoT. There is strong demand for IoT professionals but there is a major skills gap in this area. This Graduate Certificate in IoT aims to provide graduates with knowledge, skills and competencies in the key areas of real-time signal processing, data analysis and machine learning, connected embedded systems and network programming to enhance career opportunities in the ICT sector.

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Graduate Certificate in Energy Systems and Decarbonisation

Recent warnings on the climate crisis have been stark. We have already done irreparable harm to our planet and we need to act immediately to prevent further damage. Engineers have an important role to play in developing climate solutions and making our world a more sustainable one.

This Graduate Certificate in Energy Systems Decarbonisation prepares graduates with the knowledge and competence to meet the challenge of transitioning to zero carbon. Students will also be provided with the knowledge to develop environmentally sound, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy systems.

The course emphasises the interlinkages to other systems such as water production, waste management and wastewater treatment as well as an understanding the importance of the social and economic aspects of a sustainable approach.

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Higher Diploma in Engineering Analysis and Technologies

This innovative Higher Diploma is specifically designed to allow students who have not been previously exposed to engineering mathematics, software, design and fundamental principles at a sufficient level for them to pursue engineering opportunities in the workplace, in further education or in lifelong learning activities.

The selected learning activities and modules will imbue the students with the ability to engage with engineering problems, contexts and tools, thus enabling them to participate in strategic areas for the future workspace.

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Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy Systems

Developing and growing sustainable energy sources, moving away from rapidly diminishing fossil fuels, is vital to our future. The Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy Systems prepares graduates to meet the changing world of sustainability and the growing global challenge of transitioning to zero carbon while at the same time adapting sustainable energy systems that is environmentally sound, reliable and affordable.

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