Wavin has further enhanced its role as a leading plumbing and drainage manufacturer with a commitment to sustainability by increasing the amount of recycled material used across its popular RoundLine, DeepLine and SquareLine guttering ranges.

The update has been made possible thanks to the company’s innovative Recycore technology which enables gutter and downpipes to be made up of 55% recycled material, helping to bring a more sustainable solution to above-ground rainwater drainage.

‘Recycore’ technology will be used in the gutter and downpipes which will still deliver the same levels of efficiency, capacity and performance.  A phased roll-out begins this month, the new products will be identifiable by an outer layer of glossy PVC-U and a different coloured inner layer, made of the recycled material. All products containing ‘Recycore’ will be marked with the ‘Recycore’ logo, and first to roll out will be Black RoundLine gutter and downpipes.

Higher level of recycled product

The Rainwater range is not the first from Wavin to use Recycore technology. It follows the Wavin Soil in applying a higher level of recycled product to the manufacturing process. 

Michael O’Donohoe, country director with Wavin Ireland, said: “It’s fantastic that we’re now able to start the roll-out of our Wavin Recycore Rainwater range which has been manufactured using a post-consumer recycled PVC.

"This advancement in our popular gutter offering will not only vastly increase the sustainability credentials of this above-ground solution, but also that of any property or development where it is specified.

“At Wavin, we are committed to improving sustainability across all processes and parts of our business, and the consideration of virgin material use in our manufacturing is a key part of achieving our ambitious goals.

"By implementing recycled materials in our Rainwater range, we can help deliver better building performance through a robust rainwater management system. This in turn helps to boost the climate resilience of our towns and cities, which is imperative.”

This advancement in the Rainwater range is part of Wavin’s dedication to improving sustainability across all of its operations which includes delivering on ambitious targets over the coming years.

To find out more please visit: wavin.ie/rainwater