The arrival of composite access solutions has offered a new level of choice for designers and specifiers on utility networks, and EJ are leading the way with the world’s first D400 Composite cover, in full compliance with European standards.

The STRETO, a 600mm diameter cover, is ideal for road installations. With its third party certification demonstrating compliance to the rigorous testing requirements of EN 124:2015 D400, and its twin walled ductile iron frame providing increased rigidity under traffic, this high strength, ergonomically friendly access cover is the perfect choice for Ireland’s road network.


STRETO – Lightweight. Durable. Strong

High quality composite covers offer numerous advantages such as improved handling for maintenance operators. These covers can be up to 70% lighter than equivalent iron covers, while a standard sized recessed cover for paving infill can weigh over 80kg. The reduced weight of composite access covers improves ergonomics, ease of access and overall worker safety.

Independently certified by the NSAI to EN 124-3:2015 D400, the cover undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance. This involves a fatigue test with a 13.6 tonne load applied to the composite cover 100,000 times.

The cover must show no visible damages and be capable of withstanding a subsequent 400kN load test to meet the standard. This high strength, lightweight solution offers durability and performance suitable for road installation where there are repeated load and unloading conditions.

A continuous EPDM cushioning insert attached to the frame ensures non-rock stability and prevents noise pollution and wear. The corrosion resistant surface ensures the suitability of the cover for aggressive sewer environments and also prevents deterioration and discolouration.

Colour customisation

A unique feature of the STRETO is that it can be manufactured to match any RAL colour. This colour-customisation can be used as a way to integrate the product into a surrounding environment such as in a paved area, or to make it stand out for service identification. Customised badging to indicate surface or foul water, traffic signal and street lighting and electrical vehicle charge station are also available.

A greener solution

Manufactured in Ireland, in world class production facilities, our range of composite access covers offer you a sustainable choice for your infrastructure. A low temperature manufacturing process combined with a reduced transport load due to their lightweight structure means composite covers contribute to a lower carbon footprint and can be recycled at end of life.

For further information about this range and to view a STRETO road installation, please contact us on 057 91 23100 or email