We are delighted to announce Tensar’s Next Generation Launch Event will be heading to Ireland! It will start at Engineers Ireland in Dublin on September 19, 2023, followed by the Crowne Plaza in Belfast on September 20, 2023.

The event will explore Tensar's Next Generation solutions and look at how they have already been applied across thousands of road, rail and renewables projects globally, saving significant time, cost and carbon on site.

Free cloud-based software

The introduction of Tensar Next Generation solutions delivers a new product, design methodology and Free cloud-based software to the market. The event will introduce all three.

The Tensar team will introduce Tensar® InterAx® geogrid – the best performing stabilisation geogrid Tensar has developed to date! Attendees will gain insight into the LAAMS (Lees Approach to Applied Mechanical Stabilisation) design approach and will also learn how this approach can revolutionise project processes, whilst offering a whole new level of design capability.

Innovative cloud-based software Tensar+ will also be showcased at the event. Using real, local projects as worked examples, you'll see first-hand how this new software allows engineers, contractors and owners to design with geogrid in a variety of applications, including pavements, working platforms, haul roads and soft soil stabilisation, seeing in real time, the cost, time and carbon savings.

Networking is an important benefit of The Next Generation event and will give delegates the opportunity not only to engage with the Tensar team but with other like-minded industry figures.

Throughout the day, delegates and the Tensar team will engage in queries and discussion. These sections of the event have been particularly popular in the past. Importantly, to enhance this two-way communication, a member of the Tensar team will be allocated to each table during the event, to facilitate any requirements and answer questions in real-time.

Past stakeholders have praised The Next Generation events by sharing their feedback, which included: “Well presented and pitched at the correct level”, “Very informative – thank you!”, and “Great day learning about Tensar Technology!”.

The Next Generation Launch Event – Ireland, will be no different. Delegate spaces are limited, so please don't delay in securing your place.

To register, please visit:

Dublin – Engineers Ireland
September 19, 2023

Belfast – Crowne Plaza
September 20, 2023